50 Wedding Ceremony Decor Ideas for Outdoor Weddings and Indoor Weddings

Have you ever seen many luxurious and grand wedding ceremony decor? Do you want to make your wedding ceremony decor different? If so, then the hipster style wedding ceremony decor is a good choice. Because it makes natural and vibrant romantic atmosphere fill the whole wedding ceremony. As a result, it infects the interest of the new couple and driving the sense of participation of the guests.

It is very important for the new couple to arrange a perfect wedding. So, how to make your wedding ceremony decor more hipster? Wedding ceremony decor is one of the most important parts of the wedding. A good wedding ceremony decor can bring a sense of romance, warmth, high level and so on to the wedding. There are also many materials for wedding ceremony decor. And balloons are one of the most commonly used materials. Because balloons have various colors. Also, they can form different shapes to create atmosphere. Next, let’s talk about how to arrange the wedding. Besides, and what are the precautions for hipster wedding ceremony decor.

Simple and Supreme Wedding Ceremony Decor–Part 1

Wedding ceremony decor is simple and supreme, and fresh tone is the first choice. The biggest taboo of summer wedding ceremony decor is too complicated. Besides, chaotic scene will collide with the soaring temperature. And that makes you annoyed immediately. Therefore, the key to create a refreshing wedding ceremony decor is simplicity.

Delicate flower houses and rows of chairs are enough. If you worry that the wedding ceremony decor is not grand enough, then work hard on the details. The chairs of guests can decorate with white gauze or matched with green, blue and other cool gauze. The flowers of wedding ceremony decor must choose fresh colors as far as possible. White roses and light pink roses are the first choice. Yet, enthusiastic red roses are really not suitable for summer weddings. The passage of wedding ceremony decor can also sprinkle with white rose petals. Thus the romantic atmosphere of the whole wedding ceremony decor will upgrad instantly.

Simple and Supreme Wedding Ceremony Decor–Part 2

Without the heat, the dessert of the wedding ceremony decor should also be hipster. wedding cake has always been a much anticipated part of the wedding. Choosing the right wedding cake can make your wedding ceremony decor more perfect. On the wedding ceremony decor in summer, new people can choose ice cream cake. Although the shape is simple, it is sweeter and more attractive. Table wedding ceremony decor: transparent glassware is a must. The wedding ceremony decor in summer, transparent glassware is absolutely necessary. Small candles and flowers can be placed on the dining table, and the color matching must be unified with the wedding scene. Refreshing cold colors such as White are the finishing touch of the refreshing color matching on the dining table.

Elegant bridesmaid dress makes the wedding ceremony decor refreshing and upgraded. In such a fresh and elegant wedding scene, the bridesmaids must not choose a colorful dress. The vibrant light green and elegant light blue can match the bride’s white wedding dress, which highlights the refreshing feeling of the wedding ceremony decor.

Details of the Wedding Ceremony Decor–Part 1

Pay attention to the collocation of wedding ceremony decor details. Small details of each wedding ceremony decor cannot be ignored. It may be because of such a small detail of wedding ceremony decor that your wedding leaves regret. Of course, all wedding ceremony decor should focus on the theme, but there should also be auxiliary decorations to make the wedding more colorful.

Such as the ornaments of small ornaments, some floral arts and so on, use them to make some new things increase the highlight of your wedding ceremony decor. The space division of the wedding ceremony decor: the location of the tables and chairs, the space between them, and the appropriate number of the aisle. Therefore, these should be divided reasonably, and it is also important to make the scene clear and tidy.

Details of the Wedding Ceremony Decor–Part 2

Wedding ceremony decor is an important part of creating a live atmosphere. Perfect wedding ceremony decor is to update the most direct image feeling that people give guests. Many newcomers attach great importance to their wedding ceremony decor, but they often spend a lot of money but fail to reach the feeling and atmosphere they want. The design of the wedding ceremony decor is very successful, and the overall planning is no problem, but the overall wedding ceremony decor feels unsatisfactory. The reason is that there are some misunderstandings in the wedding ceremony decor. Blind chasing and unprofessional overall design obliterate the overall sense of existence and unity of the wedding ceremony decor.

The choice of the venue for the lawn wedding is more important. Holiday villages with open green space, villas and gardens in the suburbs, or golf courses are all good choices for wedding ceremony decor. It would be better if we could find the venue of the wedding ceremony decor near the lake or near the mountain and water. In this way, you can not only appreciate the romance and joy of the wedding, but also enjoy the fresh and pleasant nature. Such a wedding ceremony decor will give you double enjoyment in your heart.

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