54 Simple Spring Nail Designs for Short Nails and Long Nails

Is it a little aesthetic fatigue to have a dark color nails for a winter? Because it is spring, normal nails will not be so amazing! Therefore, we come up with spring nails that is suitable for spring. Yet, this kind of spring nails is a little transparent. But when you distinguish it, you will find this kind of spring nails not only gives people a kind of hazy feeling. Besides, there will be different hipster. Looks fancy! This kind of spring nail is noble and elegant, which is the most suitable for starting a new life.

Spring is a season full of vitality. And spring nails also needs to change from dark color to light color. Besides, clean, comfortable and eye-catching. As a manicure controller, I always want to change a manicure. It must matches the season when it comes to season change. Now spring is coming, let’s see what manicure is suitable for spring. Let’s change the beautiful nails for a whole winter into colorful colors. And look new from head to foot to welcome this brightest season. Today, I will recommend you some pure color nails suitable for spring. I hope you will like them!

Trending Colors of Spring Nails– 1st Part

We have prepared a lot of nails suitable for spring for you. They are either bright and gentle, simple and generous, or cute. Let’s see if they can hit your maiden heart. Green nail is the support of life, a kind of color full of vitality. So, in this vibrant spring, how to do without Green on fingernails? Pink nail is the most indispensable color in spring. Especially light pink nail, it is very suitable for you who are. There are flowers in spring and moon in autumn. Spring is really suitable to be with flowers.

 In addition to the colorful color, it is a little bit plain with the color of bean paste. That is especially suitable for girls in the workplace. It is beautiful and delicate but not conspicuous. In the happy atmosphere, let the classic red debut nail. I have always been afraid of being too arrogant. Who should I show it to in a low profile. With dark clothes, this spring nail will be extremely White. Red spring nails can enhance attraction. And bright and eye-catching red can make you stand out in the crowd. So, a beautiful red spring nail is definitely the first choice for a date!

Trending Colors of Spring Nails– 2nd Part

Naked red nail polish is also a sharp tool to show white. It is deeper than the red color spring nails, which makes you look steady and dignified. In the low-key luxury, this spring nail shows a slight elegance without any skin color. It can also make you a gentle and lovely girl. I really want to visit Provence Lavender Manor, which is very romantic when I think about it. The purple spring nails are mysterious and a little melancholy. These makes people intoxicated in it. Painting this color on nails can show the nobleness and elegance of girls.

Blue nail polish is as warm as the sky in the sun. That is very suitable for girls to apply when they go to the seaside to play or date in spring. Blue spring nails are the most special color in spring. They are not lack of hipster but better than hipster. If you don’t like spring nails which are too red, you can choose cinnabar red. Because those will make you feel a little more gentle. Almost every girl has a pink plot. It doesn’t mean that girls like pink spring nails so much. But pink, for us, contains countless fantasies about beauty.

Classy Styles of Spring Nails– 1st Part

Many female friends didn’t know which kind of spring nails they wanted to make at first. They all started to choose the style they wanted to make after they went to the nail salon. It’s not that this is not good, because we have to have a plan for everything we do. When we go to the nail salon, the nail artist may give us some advice, and they will give us some pictures of spring nails, let’s choose.

In fact, we know that many nail salons may have their own websites. Where many works of their spring nails may be displayed. Which attracts many customers to a great extent. In order to make you choose your favorite spring nails before going to a nail salon, we will share with you the most popular spring nails of this season. Actually, our focus on manicure lies in the style and color. We all know that professional manicurists will pay more attention to the details of spring nails and some unique designs. Therefore, some promotional Styles about spring nails in the nail salon are all recognized by the nail artist. And they are relatively excellent in making.

Classy Styles of Spring Nails– 2nd Part

Some spring nails we usually see on the Internet are usually relatively simple styles. But we all know that there are many delicate spring nails in nail salon. The details of manicure are very attractive. We all know that ordinary manicurists have unique skills, which means that manicurists usually have private collection of spring nails. If you look carefully, these spring nails are full of the sense of advanced.

These dizzy spring nails are actually the favorite works of manicurists. In fact, I think at the beginning, people may not know what is the fainting spring nails. In fact, there are certain differences between simple fainting manicure and delicate fainting manicure. Delicate fainting spring nails are very rare, which will make our fingertips have a higher level of light luxury style, and many female friends are doing it. The gradient manicure of Immortals is the most suitable for spring! Leaving White at the root adds a sense of clearness to spring nails. However, the gradual change of the color of fingertips makes both hands not monotonous. The gradient basically doesn’t pick people or skin color, as long as you choose the color you like, you can be beautiful!

Classy Styles of Spring Nails– 3rd Part

Besides some beautiful spring nails that look graceful, there are also many fashionable spring nails styles in the manicure shop, which can be some Plaid spring nails, and they are also very popular in daily life. The elegant color matches the color of spring better. We all know that some small details can add the bright spot of our fingertips, which is also a popular style for female friends. In order to make beautiful spring nails, we can also keep the tender and elegant dry flowers on the fingertips, which seems to have left spring in our hands.

The beauty of dried flowers echoes the fresh breath of spring, which is definitely the best match for nails in spring! In addition, the spring nails of daisies are also popular in spring. Without too much decoration, as long as you draw a little daisies, the original pure color will become lively. Students and girls must have a try! In addition, spring is the time for everything to recover, and come out one after another. Spring Leaf manicure, not only full of spring, but also very fresh! Finally, I want to tell you that pink-purple spring nails are also a hot style this year. Girls who like to pursue fashion can deepen their colors and turn your spring nails into the popular space purple nails this year, which must be very cool.

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