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40+ Fantastic Landscapes for Rose Planting in Pots and Gardens

Rose is a kind of flower which is deeply loved by women. It symbolizes love, warmth and unrestrained. She is the most beautiful flower in many people’s mind. Every Valentine’s Day or many memorable days rose will appear in people’s hands. Roses in hand bring a trace of sweetness and happiness. With roses in hand, every heart filled with memories. It carries many people’s yearning and pursuit, and is the queen of flowers. I like it, but I can only go to the flower shop to buy it and pick it up. If you want to plant a real rose, watch it blossom and wither, is it also a good feeling? So many people have doubts, how to raise such delicate flowers?

It says that Rose has been a symbol of beauty and love for a long time because of its bright color and various uses. No one wants to own such beautiful flowers. After continuous observation and trial, intelligent people finally realize the planting of roses. Potting plants, today we are going to talk about the family planting of roses.

Planting Method of Roses– 1st Part

The following is the planting method of roses. First, growing soil of planting roses. Relatively loose and fertile soil, the key point is better drainage capacity. Second, growth temperature of planting roses. About 25 degrees Celsius is the most appropriate. And it can also be cold-resistant, such as minus 25 degrees Celsius. Fourth, lighting conditions of planting roses. Roses are very happy, and must cultivate in places with sufficient lighting. If a Rose doesn’t get enough light in the growing season, it will lead to the following phenomenon. That is, the branches and leaves don’t bloom because of the long light.

Then, basin soil of planting roses. The selection of basin soil for planting roses is the most important. When filling the soil, you ‘d better choose the basin soil made in the vegetable garden. And the mixture of 10% river sand and 20% cinder. Before planting roses, soil disinfection should carried out, mainly with steam disinfection. If there is no condition of planting roses, it can smoke with chlorine. And it also needs to turn over constantly. That is to prevent the medicine from affecting the growth and development of root system.

Planting Method of Roses– 2nd Part

Next, it’s the watering of planting roses. Watering is one of the basic work of planting roses, and it is also an extremely important link. People often cause plant death when this step is not done well. When watering your roses, you should check whether the basin soil is dry or not. And take the basin soil dry as the standard of watering. “Water when it is dry, then water thoroughly”. But do not cause water, otherwise it will lead to falling Wild Goose, root system rotates and even dies. Roses planting need to change the basin soil once a year. And they should cut off when changing the basin, so that the flowers can bloom bigger and more colorful.

Next, illumination of planting roses. Roses have strong adaptability. but it should emphasize that roses like warm climate. Besides, and environment with sufficient sunshine and moderate rainfall. They are drought-resistant, cold-resistant and afraid of water logging. If you have a yard in your house, try to choose a sunny environment to make it grow freely. Remember, whether planted or potted of planting roses, there should be sunshine. The sunshine should not be less than four hours every day at least. Do not put it in places with insufficient indoor light for a long time.

Planting Method of Roses– 3rd Part

Fertilization of planting roses: potted roses are restricted by limited basin soil, so they are very strict when fertilizing. In order to make the Rose grow better, it needs to add fertilizer when it grows in flowering stage, because it consumes more nutrition before and after the bud. Generally, the fertilizer can be sprayed and fertilized. Generally, the compound fertilizer which is convenient, safe and sanitary is the first one, because the compound fertilizer of planting roses is rich in various trace elements, but the ratio of phosphorus and potassium is particularly good. Remember, fertilization of planting roses should not exceed 20 grams per week.

Trimming of planting roses: potted roses should be trimmed for many times. There are two advantages of trimming roses. The first one can be more beautiful after trimming, and the second one can be more beautiful after trimming, which is more conducive to winter. However, the growth ability of roses is particularly strong, but if they are not trimmed in time, the branches will grow thin and wither to death due to depression. For new roses buds germinating after spring, only 2 to 3 new buds need to be left, and the rest can be broken off by hands. When the new roses buds grow to 15 centimeters, then put out the top one. After a few days, two to three new ones can be sent out. This kind of rose planting looks more compact.

Planting Method of Roses– 4th Part

Dig the hole and choose potted roses or planted roses (if the temperature is lower than 0 degrees Centigrade, or lower than 5 degrees centigrade for a long time, it is suggested that the bare root seedlings of planting roses should be potted for a period of time first. And when the root system grows well, take the earth ball and then plant your roses): If you want to plant it: choose a place to ensure at least 6 hours of illumination every day. And the pit can be dug a little bigger, with enough soft soil to make your roses grow better. Pay attention to the terrain not too low to prevent water. Bare root seedlings are generally planted in the resting period, therefore, it is necessary to particularly prevent the occurrence of low temperature water.

Once the low temperature water appears, it may cause the root wound rot, even the new root rot and rose plant death. The specific method is: choose the place with relatively high terrain, and it is better to go south. Prepared soil, roses like neutral and acidic soil, and the most suitable pH is 6 ~ 6.5. The medium or soil for planting roses should be breathable, water-retaining, fertilizer-retaining and clean. Remember not to fertilize the newly planted rose plants, the low temperature rose plants grow slowly or stagnate during the resting period, and do not require fertilization itself. At the same time, due to the large root wounds of bare excellent seedlings, fertilization may breed flora, causing root rot. Therefore, the matrix for planting roses is generally enough for the garden soil, and the fertility cannot be too large.

Planting Method of Roses– 6th Part

As the saying goes, “Every Rose Has thorns”, but actually this beautiful flower is not as delicate as you imagine. Planting roses only needs a little patience, sufficient sunshine, loose and breathable soil and careful care, then it can succeed. Many rose lovers often ask about the methods of planting bare root seedlings. For the novice, mastering the correct rose planting method can avoid the phenomenon of dead seedlings. Planting of planting roses, in order to prevent water accumulation, first put a layer of large particles of floor stone or gravel block on the bottom of the basin or the bottom of the rose planting hole as the drainage layer. Grasp that the rose planting depth is consistent with the original plant root system has corresponding division of labor, and the root in the deep soil and the root in the soil surface have different functions.

We need to pay attention to the original rose planting depth when planting roses, how high the original soil is, how deep the soil is when it is planted, which is beneficial to the recovery of the root system and better to ease the seedlings. Since the root system of bare root seedlings is not well developed, it is not recommended to fertilize your roses when planting. If fertilizing is to be used as base fertilizer, the amount should be controlled and a layer of soil without fertilizer should be laid on the base fertilizer, to prevent direct contact between organic fertilizer and root system. When filling the soil, a small amount of soil should be filled first, and the seedlings should be raised properly to let the root system fully stretch, and then fill the soil to make the root fully contact with the soil.

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