62 Wedding Flower Arrangements for Beach and Boho Style

The wedding flowers used for the wedding should not only look good.

But also play a “foil” role.

How should wedding flowers design to better conform to the wedding style?

Can wedding flowers play a role in drawing the finishing touch?

Are you considering the flower decoration used on the wedding day?

Then you must choose the seasonal wedding flowers.

The choice of flower decoration should also match with the wedding dress.

Wedding flowers with larger specifications can match with simple clothing.

Also, the exaggerated formal dress needs to match with design of wedding flowers.

Wedding Flowers for Floral Art

Not majoring in Botany? So, don’t know what flowers to choose for the wedding? It doesn’t matter. When you find the most popular wedding, the search for wedding floral art will become easier. Remember, this is not to let you know which flower you like or dislike like a florist. The following are our recommendations about the flowers of the staged wedding. First, roses. There is no doubt that this is the most popular flower for staged wedding!

Of course, this is also the reason why it becomes the main flower material of the staged wedding. Beautiful and a little grandiose show off. This flower will let you know that some special staged wedding will happen. Let your wedding is full of colorful colors like rainbow. Roses and other flowers of various colors can match well with the staged wedding. Create a sweet and complete wedding focus. It is also stronger than some flowers. So it apply to the groom’s corsage. Of course, it has excellent effects in the products for recommending wedding. Roses symbolize love. It is not only an expression of beauty, but also an embodiment of a meaningful ritual wedding.

Hydrangea and Orchid for Wedding Flowers

Second, Hydrangea. It’s unlike those small flowers. Hydrangea can quickly fill the wedding or wedding decoration area. Embroideries have different types. But in the staged wedding, gardeners mainly use them to create texture and fill quantity. They are also very flexible for various wedding themes and styles. Hydrangea can make the towering and wedding decoration area more fantastic and wonderful. It can also insert on the glass bottle of country-style wooden table alone. Create a sweet feeling. For people who are sensitive to flowers? Well, this kind of flower will not cause allergic diseases as other flowers.

 Third, Orchid. As the first choice for a hot-band wedding. Orchid is not only the main flower material of the destination wedding now. You will gradually understand how orchids symbolize charm and beauty. These delicate flowers have several different colors. Like Green, white, and purple. In most traditional or modern style wedding, orchids can create an elegant feeling. You can also create a simple wedding style.

Peony and Anemone for Wedding Flowers

Fourth, Peony. As a symbol of happiness, there may be no other flowers more suitable than Peony on the wedding ceremony. With full, soft and fluffy petals. There is no doubt that peony has become the new favorite of the staged wedding. Even though each flower can divide into several parts. The size of the flower is enough to fill the bouquet or table flower. Peony is definitely the best choice for the elegant wedding. Because they can endow light-colored flowers with more texture. For everyone who likes fragrant flowers, peony smells very fragrant. But if you are sensitive to smell, you may need to find other flowers as the bouquet of your wedding.

Fifth, Anemone. When to modern staged wedding, no flower is more representative than anemones. These flowers have unique black centers, but match with soft petals. White and red are the most widely used in staged wedding. Their unique shapes are like jumping out of the illustration. It gives people a peculiar but remarkable texture. When they match with other flowers, they can better set off more round and softer flowers than it. Such as peony and ocean peony.

Carnation and Daisy for Wedding Flowers

Sixth, Carnation. Carnation is one of the flowers that make people love and hate. They are affordable, and the number of colors is amazing! Based on their tenacious characteristics, these flowers often use as the creative elements. Such as flower ball or background. The unique pleated texture of carnations adds a lot of delicate texture. That is to the vintage wedding with roses. In fact, do you only like the monochrome type of staged wedding scene? But the budget can’t afford to use roses to make it all? Then, replace some carnations. This is a wise choice to control the budget of the staged wedding.

Seventh, Daisy. It has rich varieties and colors. Simple daisies have always been a beautiful and traditional floral wedding flower. Nothing can defeat the simple charm of daisies. It is in the rural style and retro style. As the relevant flower material of pure and pure wedding theme. For centuries, it has been a popular choice of bouquet materials. Do you like the gorgeous rainbow African chrysanthemum? Or Shashida daisies? Is it classic white? Or yellow? Daisies are both enduring and lovely.

Ranunculus and Baby’s Breath for Wedding Flowers

Eighth, Ranunculus. Sometimes people confuse it with roses and peonies. But as an element of perfect wedding, it has its own sense of beauty and romance. They are not as common as carnations or roses. So be sure to find out if they can buy in the local flower shop. They are usually seasonal “. Usually from the end of spring to midsummer. Although they are most common in light colors. But bold dark colors such as red and orange are also often used by staged wedding. We like to match the peonies with other flowers for the wedding ceremony. But sometimes because of its lovely pattern, it can also stand out.

Ninth, Baby’s Breath. It was once considered as a small family’s wedding flower. In the past year, we have seen it become the biggest choice for staged wedding. It should be the star of the sky as the standard of the bouquet and jewelry wedding. In fact, this is also easy to understand. First of all, it is very small and durable. Brides always like to take this kind of lightweight bouquet. Especially when walk through wedding aisles. Secondly, the gypsophila reduced the pressure of recommending wedding budget. Therefore, large staged wedding is often filled with it. Because that is both affordable and unique.

Succulents for Wedding Flowers

Next is the Succulents. To be honest, I hate to share my favorite. But I can’t hide it selfishly. Because I think succulent plants are the most special in the staged wedding. This desert plant used to be only used on the staged wedding in southwest China. Now it is starting to make a figure in all the fashion staged wedding. From simplicity to luxury, you can control the wedding. Fleshy plants bring amazing texture. And very durable. Because they do not need too much sunlight and water. And you can find it all the year round. And what makes people feel extra surprised is that they can not only cut off parts. But also develop another new life. And it is ok to leave potted plants.

Nowadays, it is not a new thing to decorate the wedding with flowers. It can be said that “no wedding without flowers”, such as photo wall, table flower, bridegroom bouquet, road guide. Decorate every corner of the wedding with infinite charm. As a florist, wedding florist design is also one of the necessary skills. Flowers with wedding dress is a common style of wedding photos. However, different flowers have different meanings. When matching, the bride should not only pay attention to the beautiful appearance. If you are not careful, the matching is wrong, but it’s going to be a joke. The following is to introduce the specific meaning represented by some common flowers.

Classy Colors of Wedding Flowers

No matter how busy the wedding is and how many things to do, don’t ignore the bride’s bouquet. Although the bouquet is small, you must not make a bunch of flowers casually. You also need to carefully select the bouquet! Next, let’s take a look at the popular colors of wedding flowers. Red has always been our classic color and a trend that will never fall behind. Red and gold wedding has been one of the most classic weddings up to now. Every girl has a pink girl dream in her heart. That shows incisively and vividly in the wedding, and there are various kinds of pink flowers. White flowers are especially suitable for pure and elegant western weddings.

As a versatile color, white is often used as an auxiliary color for other colors. Purple has always been the representative word of romance. There must be many girls who have purple romantic plots. So, how can a purple wedding with texture not be set off by these purple flowers? Compared with flowers of other colors, yellow flowers are more suitable for wedding. Especially in summer and autumn. Whether indoors or outdoors, they can always give people a warm feeling. Green flowers are relatively rare, but there are some, and many weddings will also use them. However, because the leaves are also green, green flowers used less. And are often used as auxiliary flowers.

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