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42 Japanese Garden Design Ideas for Your Backyard and Bridge

Many People have always favored Japanese gardens.

Among them, the design of Japanese garden is

particularly exquisite.

Because Japanese gardens always give people a feeling of comfort and indifference.

After my retirement, I want a small Japanese garden.

During the party, I would like to taste tea in

my Japanese garden.

Enjoy the scenery of my Japanese garden with

family and friends.

A Japanese garden can also become a space for being alone.

Let’s go see kinds of Japanese gardens!

Necessary Elements of Japanese Gardens– Part 1

The first is the Japanese pavilion of Japanese garden. This is a fresh and elegant Japanese garden pavilion. As long as you come to the pavilion to sit quietly for a while, you can relax yourself. It can also relieve the fatigue pressure brought by high-pace work in cities now. Sitting in the pavilion of Japanese garden for a long time, the whole body will feel a fresh and cool comfort. The green grass in the Japanese garden is covered with small white stones. Symbol good luck. Good luck comes in life.

The green bamboo beside the Japanese Garden is blowing with the wind. As if waving to the tourists, welcome your arrival. The flowing music streams in the Japanese garden. The water flows out of Ding Dong. It is a flowing music. It is a sound picture. Japanese garden cultivates one’s own sentiment. Make you refreshed. Such Japanese-style garden makes people feel the breath of returning to nature.

Necessary Elements of Japanese Gardens– Part 2

Next is the Maple Forest rockery waterfall group of Japanese garden. The red maple trees in the Japanese garden grow on the beautiful stone walls in the mountains. Like a group of delicate girls showing their beauty. Among the mountains where the Japanese garden stands, there is the sound of water flowing into the deep pool of waterfalls. It washes away all the troubles of people. Such a Japanese-style garden leaves a serenity to people’s hearts, making you seem to return to the embrace of nature.

Then there is the koi fish pond in the Japanese garden. Japanese garden round glass koi fish pond is as tall as human. There are precious ornamental fish in the Japanese garden. It is called Japanese koi. This kind of fish has the good reputation of “living artwork”, “living gem in water” and “King of ornamental fish” in Japanese garden. It has beautiful shape and colorful colors. Leisurely swimming around with the flow of water. Sometimes I will swim along with people’s walking. “It seems that I can understand human language”! The patterns, colors and shapes of the carp in the Japanese garden will also change constantly. Just like a traditional Chinese painting from nature.

Necessary Elements of Japanese Gardens– Part 3

Next is the Red Bridge of Japanese garden. Japanese Garden is deeply influenced by Chinese culture. For example, the red arc arch bridge structure of Japanese garden. It contains profound philosophy and the culture of Oriental broad spirit. In the Japanese Garden, cobblestones float on the clear water surface. As if can stare across the bottom of the pool. Visitors stand by the pond in the Japanese garden to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Children play by the pond in the Japanese garden. Red carp swam freely in the water of Japanese garden.

Then there is the tea house of Japanese garden. In this Japanese garden teahouse, you can taste the fragrance of different flavor tea from all over the world. Learn the elegant art of making tea and tasting tea. Feel the Japanese tea ceremony culture and taste the sweetness and bitterness of life. In leisure time, enjoy a cup of quiet green tea elegantly in the Japanese garden. The last is the waterwheel group of Japanese garden. The power of the water flow pushes the rotation of the Japanese garden waterwheel. It circulates back and forth, and flows continuously. Bring a lot of money and good luck to people.

Species and Layout of Japanese Gardens

Japanese garden pays great attention to the species and layout of plants. The ingenious layout of the Japanese garden is clear in structure and hierarchy. Also pleasing to the eye. At the same time, it can also reflect the diverse culture of Japan. The perfect match of red, green and yellow in the Japanese garden gives off a vibrant scene in the yard. It’s to creating a refreshing and fresh Japanese-style garden. So, the well-arranged layering in the garden also vividly display. Design a Japanese garden for the residence. Japanese Garden is one of the most popular garden designs in the world. The purpose of Japanese garden design is to save peace and quietness. Do you want to design your garden as a Japanese garden? Then you need to pay attention to the following four key parts.

First, some moss plants plant in the entrance and garden. It gives people the feeling of welcome to this isolated Japanese garden Second, add some stone lanterns. It can make your Japanese garden look mysterious and charming. Stone lanterns can make Japanese gardens full of exotic customs. And bring warmth to people. Thirdly, perfect your design of Japanese garden. You need to move “another garden” in. It means that you can add some more sand scenes and related plants. Fourthly, the tea room is of great significance to the Japanese garden. It is a very small building. You can enjoy tea and relax with your family and friends inside. In addition, you can decorate your Japanese garden tea room with some potted plants. Lavender and aloe vera can make the tea room look more beautiful and natural.

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