82 Low or High Ponytail Haircuts for Short or Long Hair

Ponytail is a short hairstyle, which refers to gathering most of the hair back and using a leather cover or other decorations that can be tightened, the shape in which the braid is tied up and erected in the air.

The ponytail is named because it looks like the tail of a horse. Some people think the ponytail shape is very cute. It is better to tie the ponytail in the Golden position of the head, which will make it more lively and lovely.

Low Ponytail Haircuts for Long Hair

The ponytail is also divided into high ponytail and low ponytail! you know that ponytail is relatively light, and is really suitable for young girls. So how do we tie the young and beautiful low ponytail? Long hair with a low-key brown hair color is especially suitable for the fresh environment on campus!

High Ponytail for Short Hair

For those females with too short hair, can’t they put their hair up? In fact, girls with short hair also have short hair hairstyles that can be tied. For example, these girls have short hair and Ponytail Hairstyles which are pretty good. Although their hair is relatively short, the short-haired ponytail is particularly simple and beautiful. Let’s take a look at how these six good-looking ponytail are made. These short hairs are relatively short, but it looks very beautiful when tied up.

High Ponytails for Long Wavy Hair

The design of fluffy females’ style: the hair on the top is relatively straight, while the hair on the bottom is made into a micro-curly effect, adding a sense of gorgeous fashion, making you full of charm.

High Ponytails for Long Straight Hair

While girls with middle and long straight hair choose to tie their hair, many people will choose some high ponytail hairstyles, because these high ponytail hairstyles will look sweeter and more feminine. The following are the haircuts with long hair and straight hair which are particularly energetic when tied up.

High Ponytails With Braids

The ponytail is a dynamic model, but if you think the common ponytail is a little boring, then you need to learn these ponytail haircuts with braids below.

Ponytail Haircuts with Layers

Tie the ponytail to the position near the top of the head, and use the hair hoop of the same hair color to make the head into a ponytail. There is some broken hair on both sides of the forehead and cheeks to embellish, which can play the role of embellish the face shape as well as make you look younger and slimmer. The tail of the ponytail should be rolled slightly inward, so that the overall shape will be more cute.

Low Ponytail Haircuts for Long Straight Hair

A low ponytail with long straight hair gives people a sense of gentle lady. The clean and tidy ponytail has a kind of meticulous smell, showing its temperament, which is very suitable for offices and other formal places.
Step 1: Comb the hair with a comb, and divide the hair at the side of the ear.
Step 2: Grab the front hair and gently comb it from top to bottom to create a fluffy feeling.
Step3: Comb the rest of the hair.
Step 4: Tie the hair in the back area into a low ponytail.
Step 5: Take the hair from the left side and make two circles around the ponytail to fix it with a hair clip.
Step 6: Similarly on the right side, you can complete a simple and beautiful long straight hair and low ponytail.

Low Ponytails With Braids

A girl with a big face can also choose this kind of beautiful and low ponytail hairstyle. The micro-curled hair is tied into a kind of side style while the hair is a little curly, and such a low ponytail is extremely symbolic. If you send your hair to make it up, it looks so beautiful.

Ponytail for Medium-length Hair

The fluffy bangs match with the hair on both sides to modify the face shape. The fluffy horsetail has a decent personality.
Step 1: Take two small bundles of hair on the side of the bangs and turn them back to the middle of the neck. After finishing one side, fix them with a rubber band or hair clip temporarily, and do the same operation on the other side.
Step 2: Remove the temporarily fixed rubber band or hair clip and put the twisted hair together with the rest of the hair, then use rubber band to make a simple ponytail shape, and then separate a small bunch of hair from the ponytail, wrap horsetail, cover rubber band, and fix it with hair clip.
Step 3: The Last hand grasps the position of the hair, and the other hand grasps the hair from bottom to top, which makes the hair on the top of the head fluffy and plump. It not only increases the modeling temperament, but also makes the head shape perfect.

Ponytail with Various Accessories

Although a ponytail haircut is simple, it looks a little monotonous. But if you match with different hair accessories, it will also make you very charming. Here are some recommended ponytail styles with hair accessories. Take action as soon as possible!

Ponytails for Fine Hair

The ponytail with a sense of lens must be sleek and fine to make kinda tension. The so-called tension refers to the vitality of the hairstyle. At this time, the fairies can create tension with the help of the hair around the hairline, we can roll the hair around the hairline or add some messy effects, so that the ponytail shape will become more attractive.

Ponytails in Lantern Shape

Step 1. Tie a higher ponytail
Tie a high ponytail, and try to be as high as possible, which is convenient for the subsequent modeling.
Step 2. Take out a bunch of hair from the horsetail and wrap it around the rubber band. Take out a bunch of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the rubber band, and fix it.
Step 3. Divide the hair into 5 equal parts, and tie a “lantern festival” at the first equal part to pull fluffy hair.
Step 4. Finish the rest three “lantern festivals”.
Step 5. Heat the hair curling bar, and take out the broken hair of hair line and temples.
Step 6. The broken hair of hairlines and temples on both sides rolls outward, and the broken hair above the head rolls upward.
7. Touch the shaped spray, arrange the shape.

Ponytails for Hair in Many Colors

It is very charming for girls to wear ponytail at any length. Boys Like Girls who wear ponytail, and they always seem to have a special glamour. The lower ponytail in brown, the long hair Horsetail in yellow, both can create the fluffy feeling. After a ponytail is tied up, it gives people an elegant and casual feeling.

Ponytails for Thick Hair

It is an enviable thing for girls to have more hair, but it is also troublesome——they will feel very heavy. Here we ‘d like to share with you the following ponytail hairstyle, which is really beautiful and make you look refresh!
Step 1: Manage your hair to make it smooth and tidy.
Step 2: Separate a small lock of hair from the top of the head and tie it with a rubber band.
Step 3: Take another bunch of hair from the bottom of the tied braid and tie it up.
Step 4: Divide the first hair into left and right parts and place them on both sides of the second hair bunch.
Step 5: Tie it with a rubber band under the second hair.
Step 6: Then take out a bunch of hair, and repeat step 4 and 5 to tie the last bunch of hair under the next bunch, as shown in the figure.
Step 7: Repeat the same steps and continue editing and publishing.
Step 8: Repeat till the end of the hair, and finish the hair weaving and make a string of delicate ponytail.

Ponytail Haircuts with Broken Hair

In fact, leaving a little hairy broken hair when stabbing ponytail is actually very amazing to modify the face shape. Long broken hair is left on both sides of the face, which won’t expose our whole face. For example, a square face with clear edges can make the lines of the face look more soft with the help of broken hair. Instead, it can mainly modify some defects on the face shape to make your face look more delicate.

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