50 Glittering Acrylic Nails for Medium-Length Nails and Long Nails

We usually go to manicure shops to do manicure, and we should have heard of acrylic nails. Acrylic nails is a common manicure style nowadays, which can well decorate our nails and make our nails look sweet, dreamy and delicate. Crystal manicure is very popular nowadays, that is, to connect a section on the original nail and use the way of three-dimensional and three-dimensional inlaid armor to “Inlay Diamond “.

The main component of the primer of acrylic nails is to add natural plant essence, fruit essence, calcium and some banana water to the basic component of nail polish. The main components of bright oil include some oily solvents such as pearl powder, volatile solvent, nitration cellulose, etc. In terms of the composition content of the base oil, more attention is paid to adding some materials which can protect fingernails, which is quite different from bright oil.

Acrylic Nails Design for Medium-Length Nails

The style of acrylic nails is noble, elegant, firm and wear-resistant. With the addition of sequins, sequins and the decoration of colored drawings, acrylic nails have more expressions! The 3D stereoscopic effect of acrylic nails created by crystal powder enriches the world of colored drawing. Bowknots, love and flower hangers can all be used to decorate acrylic nails.

Steps to make acrylic nails:
1. In order to add the girl’s breath, choose pink pearl color nail polish with a little shiny and transparent feeling, first help the nails to get a good background color
2. Dip in the color carving pen to take a proper amount of solvent (a bunch of pens) and crystal powder, absorb the extra solvent on the napkin, and then point it on the nail surface in the shape of a ball
3. Slightly press the ball out of the hollow shape from the center to the outside, and then other petals will be completed in the same procedure.
4. Then dip the Pearl pen in a little transparent light nail polish, then take the semicircular Pearl and put it in the center of the petals as the flower core.
5. Dip the nail polish with a fine-headed color painting pen, and draw arcs, dots and so on beside the flowers to make the pattern of the nail look richer.

Acrylic Nails for Pure Color

Acrylic nail is suitable for our daily life because it is the most suitable one in the office while it is also relatively noble. But you should know that the price is higher some other kinds of nails.

Acrylic Nails with Gradient Colors

With a pair of beautiful hands, of course, there must be a gradient acrylic nails to enhance your glamour! Gradually changing acrylic nail is also a common manicure style, which may be a little strange to you. You will not feel puzzled if you go and browse the designs we list here for you!

Acrylic Nails with Nail Accessories

The most commonly used nails shapes in life are: square, square, ellipsoid and pointed. You can create perfect nails shapes according to your hand shape and preference.
A. Square: Square nails are personalized and lead the trend, and are not easy to break, which are more popular among professional women and white-collar workers.
B. Round-shaped: The front and side of round-shaped fingernails are both straight, and the angular ground forms an arc profile. This kind of shape which looks very firm will give people a soft feeling, and it is obvious for bones, for people with slender fingers, the round shape can make up for the deficiencies.
C. Oval fingernails: Start from the free edge, and the outline of the front end of the fingernails is oval, which belongs to the traditional Oriental nail shape.
D. Pointed fingernails: easy to break due to their small contact area, while Asians have a relatively thin nail shape, which is not suitable to be trimmed into pointed fingernails.

Acrylic Nails in a Same Color Series

white has always been the color that you can never get tired of which bring its own fairy spirit, and it is very durable, showing some noble and cold aura in the tenderness, showing white hands and temperament. White acrylic nails look very young, very fresh. White acrylic nails are like the starry sky, which is very amazing under the light.

White acrylic nails can also be added with some gold foil paper or shell pieces, the clear white acrylic nails are like Crystal, very eye-catching.

Acrylic Nails with Simple Decoration

The matching of abalone slices and silver sequins will never be out of date, which always gives people a feeling of delicacy and foreign style, which will be amazing while added to acrylic nails.

Silver acrylic nails are more suitable for girls with white hands. The matching of pearls is just right and delicate!

Shining but Simple Acrylic Nails

he matching of abalone slices and silver sequins will never be out of date, which always gives people a feeling of delicacy and foreign style, which will be amazing while added to acrylic nails.

The light color fainted manicure is really a very clean pattern. Although it is more suitable for girls with white skin, even with such a simple pattern, it looks good at all.

Acrylic Nails for Long Nails

Acrylic nails decorated with spots are relatively versatile. Caramel color shows white hands, which is suitable for girls with all kinds of skin colors.

Red is the color that is never out of date, and this kind of acrylic nails is also very characteristic. Bright cat’s eye acrylic nails can be matched with bright diamond or small accessory sequins. Many beauties especially like the cat’s eye manicure style, and this style is also very clever.

Acrylic Matte Nails

Green acrylic nails with other colors can be said to be perfect match. This following pattern is really lovely! It is very suitable for girls with temperament to control it.
Light brown color-dyed acrylic nails have a sense of literary flavor, and the combination of powder and silver sequins instantly makes the whole manicure appear to be very jumping and lively.

Acrylic Nails with Rhinestones

if you want your fingertips to become attractive, you’d better have a shining and attractive rhinestone acrylic nail, which is also one of the ways to make yourself fashionable. It is very important to make a glittering and attractive rhinestone acrylic nail, which not only looks shining, but also makes yourself more fashionable and attracts others’ attention at once!

The most important thing is that this kind of acrylic nail will be popular with the goddess, which also makes you have a lot of temperament. The dazzling rhinestone acrylic nail is grand and white.

Acrylic Nails in Double Color

Simple and generous pure color acrylic nail is really never tired of seeing. No wonder fashionable people often see the existence of pure color acrylic nail at their fingertips. And now there are many different matches of pure color acrylic nail, and it will make people shine!

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