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44 Fairy Bridesmaid Hairstyle for Long Hair and Short Hair

Most people have bridesmaids in their wedding ceremonies. Some people only choose one of their closest girlfriends, but some people also choose several sisters to be the bridesmaids group. When many stars get married, they even invite many of their good friends to be bridesmaids and bridesmaids.

What about the picture of handsome men and beauties? So what hairstyles and costumes are suitable for Bridesmaids generally? Take a look at those simple hairstyles suitable for Bridesmaids.

Ponytail Bridesmaid Hairstyle

Step 1: make the hair slightly fluffy, and then divide it into three parts. Twist the hair on both sides and fix it with rubber band, then tie the rest of the hair into a low ponytail.
Step 2: pull the twisted hair on both sides with hands to make it fluffy and messy.
Step 3: Put two beams of twisted hair at the place where the hair is tied in the lower horsetail, and fix it with a hairpin.
Step 4: Put on elegant hair accessories, spray some shaped products, and then pull your hair slightly with your hands to create a fluffy and messy beauty.

Natural Hairstyle for Bridesmaid

First take a small bunch of hair from both sides of the back, and then use a small rubber band to make a small whip braid.
After the braid is tied, turn the braid inside, and then take a bunch of hair from the side of the ear.
Make the hair bunch into a small braid, and fix the hair tail with rubber band.
Put the weaved braid into the middle of the weaved editor.
Take the hair from the other side of the ear and make it into a small braid in the same way.
Also put the braid through the middle of the small editor which was tied up before.

Bridesmaid Haircut in Princess Style

Step 1: comb your hair so that your hair can be tied more smoothly.
Step 2: gently divide the hair into upper and lower parts by hand.
Step 3: twist the hair on it and draw up the hair to make the hair more fluffy.
Step 4: Use a hairpin to fix the twisted hair, and put on the prepared hair with a hair band.

Bridesmaid Haircut with Braids

Step 1: comb the short hair.
Step 2: Take out the hair beside the ear and turn it into a braid.
Step3: fix it with a hair band.
Step 4: Take out the hair on the right and twist it and fix it.
Step 5: Use hair band to fix one by one.
Step6: then pull the hair on the top of the head fluffy.
Step7: Finally, pull the hair at the end of the hair fluffy.

Bridesmaid Hairstyle with Few Accessories

Step 1: comb your hair.
Step 2: Take out the hair from the forehead.
Step 3: begin to make three braids.
Step 4: continue to merge the hair into the rear.
Step5: then take out a bunch of hair and turn it into a braid.
Step6: fix it on the back of the head with a hair band.
Step7: fix it with a hair band.

Pure Color Bridesmaid Hairstyle

Although this bridesmaid hairstyle is simple, it is very personalized. It is just a pure hair, but it has the fluffy feeling of embellishing the face and the Little Daisies which are like stars all over the sky to embellish, which is full of forest system.

Sweet Bridesmaid Haircuts

This bridesmaid hairstyle is also very simple. It is just a very sweet princess style that she weaved two very thin three straps of braids on both sides and then tied them together with a bowknot on the back of her head.

Graceful Bridesmaid Hairstyle

This bridesmaid hairstyle is not decorated with any hair ornaments either. She rolls up all the hair on the side of the low position, making the whole hair loose. With the addition of the middle part, it shows the elegant and classical temperament.

The same low horsetail hair, this one is younger and more energetic than the previous one, because the whole hair is not that loose, with pure white hair accessories, there is a kind of delicate and noble beauty.

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