ballerina nail shape | Beautiful gel coffin nails design with long nails in 2021

Ballerina nail shape becomes more and more popular in women. Now, many women like to do nails, the ballerina’s nail shapes popular in summer 2021, and it is so beautiful gel coffin nail design with long nails in 2021.

Those who know the ballerina nail shape trends know that the following type of brand is the shape of a kyrie Jenna fingernail. A no-brainer, or a person commonly known as the nail shape, is of the Stilleto type, but it has a square instead of a pointed tip. As you can see above, it looks like a dance shoe, right?

It would help if you were fascinated by the idea of the best dance nail shape. Girls always have a prominent aspect of their fashion. It is why today we have a new nail fashion, the creative monkey for ballerina nails, which will be unique in 2020. It is why they are never compromised in their way. The question now is which fashion suits them best. Well, the answer is simple but at the same time challenging. Anything spectacular is a fashion for them. Today we will discuss a manner that is the final choice of women all over the world. I mean nail design. There are many alternatives on the market, but our goal will be to design the only dance nail.

You all know what dance nail art is. It is a dance done in a particular place. In this type of dance, the flexibility is extreme. Therefore, as the name itself indicates, these nails are designed for a wide range of uses and are spectacular. They are long and square. If you are addicted to keeping your nails long and using other nails protracted and want to change your design, this is your best choice.

Ballerina Nail Shape with Multi Watercolors

The use of watercolors is today the most widespread trend in the world. The design is unique due to the use of some more attractive colors. These colors have the shape of marble. There are lots of different colors, such as snail and pink, and purple. The plan attracted a lot of attention. The time has come to have a unique design with square nails. It would be great to hang out with a friend and enjoy every moment of life with a friend.

Pretty Nails in summer

The nails are designed very well for several seasons. But when the bare nails are combined with those of a dancer, interest emerges. That’s why we use negation because these two things don’t go well together. But not in the case of this design. They coincide perfectly. If you want to be the master of it, you need some sweet pink. After getting a softer and more colorful nail oil, you will see that all nails have this color. But It’s not an excellent design. It would help if you had something more. But what else? MMM, We need to make pairs on two nude-colored nails, with a light pink color, to make the design more attractive. Draw a black gold bar and lightning on the nails to form a triangle. The design looks cute, beautiful, and adorable. So enjoy a trip and this wonderful ballet.

Ballerina Nail Shape with Marble Magic

I would like you to know something about the marble watercolors we talked about earlier. Now, look at this style. Won’t it attract you? Indeed, it is an extraordinary design. Smear black and white nail oil to create the marble design. After that, the remaining nails were painted in light gray. Even though the pins don’t have many colors, they look beautiful. To get a little more drama, do some nails with a flashmob. Despite the dark color, the design is very bright. There is no need for the nails to combine in this design type because this type of design is one of the perfect examples of plans with different color schemes but which look lovely. If you add a little rhinite, interest reaches its maximum.


animals are the favorite type for girls on any occasion. That’s why, when it comes to women’s fashion, I always say that pink is a severe problem. This nail design combines the most popular prom nails, pink and crystalline. To be a master of this design, you need pink nail oil and a few water drills. A random pink color was applied to some nails devoid of any pattern. Then on some nails, a shimmering crystal is used. Finally, the use of rhinite adds a more exciting flavor to the design. Enjoy an outing with your friends around the new style.

AWESOME Ballerina Nail

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