Elegant and Unique Fall Nails in Square Shape, Almond and Acrylic Shapes

Let’s start with the simplest and most basic solid color nails. After all, there is no nail shape, such nails are simple and the most versatile.

Autumn and winter are still suitable for nails with high saturation. But low brightness.

Burgundy and black nails are highly saturated. Bean paste powder and bean paste green nails have some gray tones.

In addition, frosted nails are very popular in the past two years, and the texture is very advanced. Especially this purple frosted nails, the style is not frivolous, super elegant.

If you put on such nails and then take out your mobile phone from your bag, the passing girl will definitely stare at it! What is attracting men? Only when nails catch girls’ eyes can they be considered successful.

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