Creative and Colorful eye makeup Ideas That Seem Natural and Fox-like

Eye makeup,is specially for eyes and the surrounding parts of the eyes to make the eyes more beautiful. At the same time to achieve the overall makeup more beautiful effect. Eyeliner, eye shadow and eyelash are the key parts of eye makeup. How to make charming goblins without learning this eye makeup?

Use nude eye shadow to base the eyelids. Dye the upper eyelid with brown eye shadow.

Use the Eyeshadow Stick to dip brown eyeshadow on the lower eyelid. And stick to the lower eyelash when brushing.

Use a brown eyeliner to draw the outline of the eyeliner. It is along the radian of the double eyelids at the end of the eye.

Fill the outline of the eyeliner and use the cotton bud to slightly faint the eyeliner.

Draw a black inner eyeliner on the lower eyelid. Then disconnect the lower part of the pupil to divide the eyeliner into two sections.

Dye the lower eyeliner outward.

The brown eyeliner of the upper eyelid covered with a layer of black eyeliner. The outline of the side of the black eyeliner close to the tail of the eye should be clear. And the side close to the head of the eye can faint to form a gradual effect.

Apply eye mascara.

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