Encyclopedia for 4th of July Party Food. Do It or Out?

July 4 is the independence day of the United States,

which is also their national day.

No Standard Here

The concept of “4th of July party food” also needs to discuss.

Because there is no unified standard “4th of July party food”.

The 4th of July party food in the United States is rich and colorful.

Each place has its own 4th of July party food.

That is due to different geography/History and nationalities.

For example, of July party 4th.

California on the West Coast has big oranges.

Because California is the production base of oranges.

Of course, there are still boats carrying pineapples.

They are floating from the Pacific Ocean in the 4th of July party food.

That is pineapple from Hawaii.

There are also wheat, corn, oats and cows from the middle part of the 4th of July party food.

On the 4th of July party food from south to north in the east,

there are oranges from Florida,

Peaches from Carolina and apples from New York…

Classy Menus

So, what 4th of July party food can reflect the food characteristics of the United States?

I studied dozens of 4th of July party food menus.

And found that some food/ingredients appeared repeatedly.

Americans are very patriotic.

There will be various parties on Independence Day (July 4 every year).

Wear red and blue clothes.

Eat 4th of July party food to celebrate.

The US 4th of July party food is like the following.

4th of July party food: soft drink. All kinds of barbecues (ribs, corns, etc.). Beef cheese hamburger, potato salad, hot dog. Fried chicken, red and blue cup cake.

In a word, the 4th of July party food inherits the characteristics of no meat, no vegetables, and extremely sweet food…

You will also find that almost no dish is suitable for vegan of July party food 4th. 4th of July party food contain at least dairy products.

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