29 Wonderful Bob Haircuts with Bangs and Fringes

Bob haircut is a very popular hairstyle recently, but when making this hairstyle, you should also pay attention to the matching degree with your face shape. Bob haircut is more suitable for girls with long faces, which can make their temperament cute and reduce their age. However, girls with round faces are not suitable for Bob haircut, which will make their faces more round. The simple Bob haircut is like a student’s head that everyone has cut before, with neat bangs and hair tails, covering the whole face without hindering everyone’s study.

TOP 46 Medium Length Bob Hairstyle for Curly and straight Hair

Bob haircut is a changeable style. After hundred years of evolution, it has undergone a series of self-evolution from the length, thickness and so on of the hair. Every tiny change brings a new feeling. The most wonderful thing about Bob haircut is that no matter what kind of face it is, it has a way to fit it. No matter classical style Bob hairstyle or modern style Bob haircut, there are always ways to meet the personalized needs of different people.

The Best 32 Charming Bob Haircuts for Short Hair and Medium Length Hair

This revolutionary bob hairstyle is more like a symbol of independence and equality. That was an era when many priests thought long hair was Femininity. Only long hair could reflect the feminine side of women. Therefore, when bob hairstyle was born and introduced into the United States, the public opinion of the Society agreed that “the woman with bob hairstyle is the woman out of favor “. The huge response of bob hairstyle in American society made many parents oppose their children to cut bob hairstyle, because they couldn’t distinguish their son from their daughter.