TOP 46 Medium Length Bob Hairstyle for Curly and straight Hair

Have you ever tried a medium length bob haircut? Or some of you have just never thought about what kind of hairstyles to have or where to start? What you probably hardly ever know is that most of us neither have long hair nor we dare to try a pixie haircut, so a medium length bob haircut is a fairly nice choice for many kinds of hair. Here we list you more than 40 medium length hairstyle for you, and we believe that you can definitely find the one suits you perfectly.

here we prepared the brief introduction to bob hairstyle. Bob hairstyle is very particular about fine haircut skills. BOB hairstyle with thick and neat bangs is the favorite of most females. The smooth BOB hairstyle is close to the face, showing the three-dimensional outline around. So BOB hairstyle is the best choice for people with soft hair and round face. Here are the picture of bob hairstyle for girls.

Unique Bob Haircuts

Bobo hair style has long hair and short hair, both long hair Bobo head and short hair Bobo head are typical career female hairstyles, if you want to change your hairstyle in summer, if you have the impulse to cut short hair, then consider Bobo head. To be a delicate girl starts from “head.

The lazy Bobo head short hair with white shirt can show the capable and fashionable side of working women, and at the same time, it can also give off the unique charming temperament, which is an important reflection of female charm, it is the symbol of a person’s confidence. With short hair on the face matching with the wavy hair, you can feel the delicacy of this hairstyle from the silky and soft hair. The delicacy of hairstyle and makeup is not for good-looking, more importantly, it reflects your attitude towards life. The Bobo head with short hair inside is low-key and generous. It is a hairstyle which can improve your temperament and beautify your face. It seems that you have gradually transformed from a girl to a more and more elegant woman from this hairstyle.

Steps of Making a Bob Haircut

Bob haircut is a changeable style. After hundred years of evolution, it has undergone a series of self-evolution from the length, thickness and so on of the hair. Every tiny change brings a new feeling. The most wonderful thing about Bobo head is that no matter what kind of face it is, it has a way to fit it. No matter classical style Bobo head or modern style Bobo head, there are always ways to meet the personalized needs of different people.

Here let’s see the steps of cutting a bob hairstyle: 1. Use hair curler to make some fluffy feeling for bangs. 2. It is more natural to split the bangs by hand. 3. Take a small amount of hair from the front end of both sides of the bangs to make a small braid. 4. Use hair clip to fix the small braid on both sides, which can be embellished with hair accessories.

Classy Bob Hairstyles

Short hair Bobo hair style can make girls a capable and clean temperament, and many stars also love short hair. We have gathered the most popular preface short hair and Bobo hair style for you, fresh and natural feeling different hairstyle.

This is a lovely pure natural medium-length hair. The color of hair fits well with the color of skin, which emphasizes the air sensation and fluffy effect. Natural fluffy feeling, the combination of exquisite hair cutting techniques and Perm. If the beautiful girls want natural colors, they must be very harmonious with our skin, which will make them beautiful. The slant bangs are very embellished, and the simple lines are very natural no matter from the side or the back. Distribute the amount of hair evenly to both sides of the face. The hair under the ear is easier to play the style of this hairstyle. Meanwhile, the bangs are separated from the forehead and naturally appear in people’s sight.

Tips to Make Bob Haircuts

Different types of Bobo haircut can express different characters for the differences of hair length, hair color, face shape and facial skin color. For female friends aged 18-25, sweet Bobo hairstyle can make the most fashionable one.

Tips 1: After the base is ready, let the hair on both sides of the cheek hang down naturally, then you can adjust the length of the hair in front of the mirror. Tips 2: If you want the lines to be more obvious, you should first use the electric bar to roll the hair tail, then loosen it properly, and then apply the hair wax to shape it! The most classic bob haircut: the hair in front is a little longer, and be cut into irregular shape. It became famous for Victoria Beckham.

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