15 Unique Tattoos of Modern Style for Shoulder and Arm

Modernism is a word which is frequently used in the art world in recent years. Many people should not have heard of “modern tattoo style “. Anyway, the modern style of tattoos has come to this world and become an indisputable fact in our art world. However, the word of post-modern appears in some artistic works. Then it can also used to express “the newest” and “the one who is at the forefront of the era “. Meanwhile, it is also widely used in music, dance, literature, film and other aspects.

Hanlon’s tattoos represent a popular style among modern tattoos. She calls it “modern style tattoos “. In modern tattoos, geometric figures and mottled color blocks occupy an important position. Also, watercolor elements and overlapping abstract themes are the same. And these elements are becoming more and more popular. Now is a good time for tattoo. You can draw inspiration from the modern style of tattoos. And you can also follow the new trend closely. Beside, make use of new technology to create a brand new beautiful pattern for yourself.

Classy Modern Tattoo Style

With the development of the times, the old tradition gradually combines the Western Realistic techniques and the pursuit of structure into the traditional pictures, forming the modern style of tattoos. The modern style of tattoos has changeable and novel modeling and rich colors, and pays more attention to aesthetic feeling, ignoring the sense of ritual and symbolism. (The representative master Philip road among them) nowadays, many tattoos use a large number of realistic techniques on the basis of tradition, but it is actually difficult to distinguish styles.

With the development of aesthetics, the old tradition has gradually added more perspective, structure, light and shade and color, and developed into the modern style of tattoos. The reason why the originator of modern tattoos has a very high status in the world. Many people will misunderstand the tradition. The school doesn’t care about the structure. It is a big mistake. There is no style that doesn’t care about the structure …… Even though the modern style of tattoos is very abstract, it also has its structure. It may not pursue realism, and the material may not be fictitious in real life, but it has the rationality of structure. Compared with the old tradition, the new tradition pays more attention to the beauty, the sense of ritual and symbolism, which is exactly the development direction of tattoos. Therefore, being a traditional tattoos now is mostly a new traditional style.

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