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21 Wonderful Door Decor Ideas for Your Bedroom and Front Door

Quietly, the old door decor is in the concentrated popularity. In addition to the purpose of the door decor, they can also bring you a variety of decorative ways to play. My father’s house reconstructed and several old doors unloaded. If you want to throw it away, I will stop it. Because the old door used for decoration of your own house. That can unexpectedly show your charm and enrich your personal space. For example, leaning against the wall can breed the deep and spacious feeling of the room.

In many old furniture stores or online auctions, you can find many old doors that you like at first sight. Yes, the old door can also be valuable decoration props. In fact, the overseas idea includes using the old door for decoration. It has already been very popular. The business of the old door exclusive shop in Britain is hot. Especially the combination of old door and furniture can make the old door decor shine. Do you want to keep warm and pleasant mood when you enter the door every day? If yes, you can try to decorate at the door. And I suggest to put decorations with storage function. It not only has the function of beautiful decoration, but also has practical function.

Artificial Flowers in Door Decor

To see whether a family is warm and comfortable, from the beginning of entering the door, a hanging storage bag is added at the door, and various decorations are added, such as dried flowers and artificial flowers, which will instantly improve the style of the home. Improving the style of the environment is also an attitude towards life.
Several steps of decorating the Gate:

  1. Choose Adhesive paper suitable for home style, such as these black styles with golden three-dimensional strip Adhesive paper, simple and high-end.
  2. Hang the storage bag with nail-free wooden hook, and then insert all kinds of decorative flowers.
  3. You can add another pair of ornaments to increase the feeling of warmth and sweet love.
  4. The small hook can also hang the key, and hang the key after closing the door at home, which is convenient and will not affect the beauty of the environment.
    If you don’t want to put door decorations, you can also keep a place to put other items, such as tissues, which you must bring when you go out.
    The decoration of a door is completed in a few simple steps. Is it happy to see the door decor every day when you go to work?

Tips of Door Decor

The blue retro old door decor with unique flavor is casually erected in front of the desk against the wall, which gives the work and study area which is originally a little lonely a sense of heaviness and elegance. You can decorate the old door with the same idea of decorating wallpaper or poster, and the configuration and display can be played freely.

In the bedroom with white keynote, the door painted in retro style like coating peeling makes the space not only clean but also elegant and perfect. There are some decorations on the door that are suitable for the scene, which are more eye-catching. If I decorate the door with string lights or air pineapple hanging, I feel it will be more fashionable. It seems that the old door can only be used for wall decoration, otherwise, it can also be used as the partition of living room, dining room and bedroom, which is unique and charming. In addition, the old door is used as a storage rack by removing the glass doors and windows, hanging a basin of green plants, or nailing a variety of good-looking adhesive hook.

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