42 Trending Spring Haircut Ideas for Straight Hair and Curly Hair

The hairstyle with air Bangs has always loved by girls. That is as charming as this Korean style long hair with air bangs. The thin bangs of Korean style air can bring a sense of flexibility and sweetness to girls. And with the matching of straight and smooth long hair, it is even more beautiful and touching. First, the refreshing short and broken hair caught by the hair stylist. Then there was a kind of witty messy feeling. The short bangs with inconspicuous lines gave people a Frank impression. And the chocolate-colored hair added more vitality. It is suitable for some lovely girls with boys’ characters.

Don’t worry. Today we put the collection of low-key and fashionable hair styles here. We have many beautiful spring hairstyles to share here. Long hair, short hair, curly hair, straight hair, which spring hairstyle do you prefer? There are multiple spring hairstyle designs here. They are fresh and sweet, Super age-reducing, super suitable in spring. Come and follow us to have a look, there are so many beautiful spring hairstyles, there is always one of your cups of tea!

Classy Spring Haircuts– Part 1

This type of air cushion perm is very suitable for spring change, so foreign and beautiful. Trimming to the length of the collarbone can exactly modify the lines of the collarbone. As a result, it makes the lines of the neck look longer and more delicate. Next is the Air Cushion hot and French air bangs. The hair style designed in this way will make the face small, and round face is also suitable. Of course, if you want to be more fashionable, you can dye yourself with a beautiful hair color. That will make this spring hairstyle more effective!

No matter in spring or in summer, it is very suitable for this straight short hair model. Just make use of the thin air bangs to connect with the straight hair on both sides. In this way, it can highlight the freshness of girls. Also, not forget to repair their faces, and make their faces look more delicate and smaller in a relaxed way. The straightforward and refreshing short hair meets the round mushroom head. That also makes your spring hairstyle sweet. The design of spring hairstyle focuses on the hierarchical trimming of the after brain. And make use of the elasticity of the hair itself to create a plump and fluffy profile. It also solves the problem of flat after brain of most girls.

Classy Spring Haircuts– Part 2

Office lady is worth having a spring age-reducing hairstyle, which is very elegant. It’s really good to wear this spring. The fluffy and foreign-style spring Perm has improved the temperament. Personally, I really like it! Properly dye brown hair color. Then this spring hairstyle brightens skin color and turns white. This spring hairstyle with medium and long curls can show intellectual feminine taste. And at the same time, it does not lose fashion temperament at all.

Start ironing and curling from the corner of the eye. And then naturally scatter the curly hair on the shoulder. Is it easy to show the temperament of beauty. If girls like it, hurry up to collect this spring hairstyle. Big wave curly hair can well modify the face shape. But ordinary medium and long big wave curly hair always gives people a sense of maturity. Also, young girls love and hate it. This spring hairstyle is very young, breaking this rule. The rolling degree of big waves starts from the ear. It’s using modeling products to create a sense of disorder but without losing the level. Coupled with the bangs in division, the hairstyle is very light throughout the spring. As a result, gives people the feeling of being young and has the taste of being a young girl.

Classy Spring Haircuts– Part 3

It’s a spring hairstyle that looks so beautiful and is younger. The air cushion of the middle and long hair is hot. And the hair rolled by it is so natural and casual. As a result, it scatters on the shoulder casually. And matches with the air bangs, which is really too sweet and tender. The hair of this spring hairstyle dye with honey brown hair color, and the skin is as white and bright as pearls. Anyone who changes into it is very beautiful and Perm.

This spring-style brown dye hair with medium and long hair makes it refreshing. At the same time, it brightens the girl’s skin color, making her face skin more tender and glossy. If the girl wants to keep bangs, she will suggest to choose air bangs. That will be more harmonious and more beautiful. Let’s take a look at how to make this spring hairstyle. First, comb the hair to one side easily, then grab the bangs on the forehead and weave the braid. Second, connect the bangs and want to weave the hair at the back. In the process of weaving, continuously add the hair into the side hair. Third, after the hair is almost woven into the braid. And fold the hair tail into a round bun, and then fix the bun with a hairclip. At last, the finished hair editing, refreshing hair editing, create elegant retro charm.

Classy Spring Haircuts– Part 4

In spring, you should change yourself into a new hairstyle full of lovely and foreign style. This spring hairstyle is suitable for medium and long hair styles. The hair has scalded by air cushion, which makes the hair lines beautiful but not out of the sense of Radian. Matching with French air bangs, this spring hairstyle improves the temperament of you. That is very young and looks small. When it comes to what hairstyle looks good in spring, how can a fresh short hair hairstyle be missing? It is like this fresh short hair. You see, it shows the full hipster. Also, it adds some literary style with the air bangs and fresh light brown dyed hair of a young girl. Let’s take a look at how to make a lively and dynamic spring hairstyle of a oblique ponytail. First, leave the hair and bangs around the face.

And use ears as the dividing line. Then divide the remaining hair into upper and lower parts. Next, comb all the hair in the upper part to one side,. Then twist it in spiral shape. Finally, fix it on one side. The hair in the lower part of step 2 is also processed in the same way as in step 1. Finally, insert the hairclip and fix it according to the direction shown by the picture arrow. Third, pick out some of the hair left from the above part. And fix the hair as the undulating circle shown by the dotted line in the picture. Fourth, the hair in the lower part is also processed in the same way, so that a rolling ring connected can make. Fifth, loosen the hair with proper amount of shaping philosophy. And make it fluffy, then spray shaping spray at last.

Classy Spring Haircuts– Part 5

Such a Western style short hair air cushion is hot, girls who like to cut short hair are worth changing. Short hair with a same neck length, hair tail slightly raised forward, that cute and lovely Radian feeling, it is more beautiful to match the bangs with the Chinese character eight. In spring, you should change yourself into such a foreign hairstyle, which is beautiful.

This long hair must be the favorite of many girls, and the fashionable hair dyeing and micro-roll design make the whole style beautiful. Let’s see how to make this mature and romantic spring hairstyle.
Step 1: Take a small part of hair from each side, and make small braids. Everyone can make the hair taken out from both sides into small braids.
Step 2: make the hair taken out from both sides into small braids.
STEP3: fix the bottom with rubber band.
STEP4: fix the tail of the braid to the other side with a clip.
STEP5: Then tie up the rest of the hair with rubber band.
STEP6: finally, turn it up.
STEP7: leave some hair!
STEP8: roll up the hair and clamp it with a clip.

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