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70 Table Decoration Ideas for Indoor and Outdoor Weddings

If there is one thing that can make women have advanced planning and strong persistence, then it can only be the wedding. As the perfect bride, we always want to decorate the wedding more delicately. Therefore, the arrangement of the table at the wedding banquet becomes a detection ruler to reflect the delicacy of the wedding.

Make your wedding more distinctive, and make all the guests attending the wedding unforgettable! Therefore, the dining table has become a platform for them to display their talents!

Ideas of Spring Wedding Tables

Spring is the season for everything to recover, so you may also pay attention to choosing the lively theme when arranging the wedding tables. The Victorian style of light-tone tablecloth is a good choice, and the delicate and elegant cups and saucers all convey the classical flavor. You can mount your wedding photos with classical and gorgeous photo frames and put them on the table. Lead everyone to experience the exotic style.

In the center of the table, you can not only put roses, but also put some spring flowers picked from the garden, which can bring the flavor of spring to your room. Everyone comes to add atmosphere to your wedding.

Ideas of Summer Wedding Tables

In the hot summer, in order to make people enjoy the cool feeling, your wedding table should be placed simply and clean. You can decorate your wedding table with linen, there is no need to choose that weird fancy wine glass. The Pink Martini wine glass can also make your cocktail attractive.

The orange color can be the main color of the table cloth for the wedding. If you put purple and orange orchids into the transparent glass vase, it will be filled with strong tropical style. Guests can also take away some orchids when they go home.

Ideas of Fall Wedding Tables

Fall is the harvest season, so you can put various flowers and plant leaves into the vase of the table. In the aspect of tablecloth, you can choose coarse linen and decorate the napkin with berries. The main color of table can be red, orange or yellow.
Big bouquets, berries and even pine balls can decorate your wedding table, and you can choose from other seasons like roses. Remember that it is very suitable for this season to be rich and colorful when arranging the wedding table.

Ideas of Winter Wedding Tables

Put on several candlesticks with candles and some Chinese porcelain, your winter table will become warmer. When choosing the tablecloth, it is better to choose the color similar to sapphire red. Don’t forget to put the chair cushion on the dining table and chair. In addition, some flower clusters should be placed around the table Candlestick, which will make your winter table particularly warm.

The seats of the guests can be decorated with gorgeous velvet to match the atmosphere of your wedding day. The top of the wedding table can be decorated with elegant and rich Candlestick and Red Rose Ball, which is a good idea. Some lovely wedding gadgets can be hung around the candlestick.

Wedding Table Arrangement– 1st Part

(1). Table flower: a delicate table flower not only has decorative effect, but also is another scenery line in the wedding, which plays a vital role.
(2). Seat card: the names of the guests will be written on it, and its main function is to make it easier for the guests to find their own seats so as not to find them.

Wedding Table Arrangement– 2nd Part

(3). Plate: Although the plate is just a simple bowl and chopsticks spoon, the tableware placement and the folding of the cloth are all particular.
(4). Desk plate: Maybe this is not a very eye-catching thing, but if careful people work harder, it can also become a highlight.

Wedding Table Arrangement– 3rd Part

(5) fruit plate
If you want the colorful colors on the dining table, it is also a good choice to decorate them with various fruits, which is helpful for the cheerful tropical atmosphere. And. Fruits can also be given to guests after the wedding.
(6) tablecloth
Tablecloth mainly plays a role of coordination, and the effect of tablecloth with different colors is also different. Therefore, when choosing tablecloth, we should pay attention to the coordination of colors. At present, the colors of tablecloth which are common in wedding parties are white and cream, and the red color of Chinese wedding.

Wedding Table Arrangement– 4th Part

(7) flower table decorations
Flowers can be said to be the highlight of the table, and it is also a popular way to decorate the table with flowers. There are many types of flowers, such as Lily, Rose, etc, flowers can be made into flower balls and placed in the middle of the dining table.

Menu on the Wedding Table

Nowadays, more and more people pay attention to eating “vision”. As the name implies, it is whether the food is beautiful or not, and whether the food is delicate or not. Your wedding banquet is an exclusive “eating” big party, and the dining table directly represents the taste of the host. If the guests want to eat comfortably and watch comfortably, they should first work hard on the plate!

It is very polite to put the menu on the plate, and the menu seems to have an effect of increasing others’ appetite inexplicably. You must also expect every guest to be ready for your wedding banquet. Good menu layout will directly affect the vision of your table. You must be simple and generous if you don’t want to be luxurious. When you arrange everything, you can enjoy the pleasure of uncovering the answer alone.

Napkins and Plants

The existence of napkin is reasonable. If you want not to make too much embellishment to your plate, then it becomes particularly important to stir up napkin. Elaborate matching levels or embroidering names for every guest are all things you should do!

The eye-catching flowers and elegant leaves are all classic and all-match wedding evergreen guests. the plant can be regarded as a regular visitor of the wedding, and it is not unusual to appear on the table. It is always the easiest and most classic one. When you put the plants into the plate, you must remember to take the essence of them. Don’t make them full, which covers the beauty of the tableware.

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