22 Creative Makeup Ideas That Are Simple and Natural

Many girls face the embarrassing moments of makeup in summer. But in many occasions, make-up must carried out. So, what points should noticed to keep a good summer makeup?

Keeping a good summer makeup is actually a problem of holding makeup. What should we do in the face of the big problem of taking off makeup in summer? Here are some useful tips.

Tips of Base Makeup

First of all, do a good job in skin care and lay a good foundation. Secondly, if you choose light and thin base makeup, you must do a good job in makeup fixing.

Whether makeup is lasting or not, the biggest “enemy” facing is to produce oil. Therefore, it is best to choose light base makeup. This can not only reduce the sense of makeup, but also make people look white. A little makeup off also makes the skin look uneven.

Moreover, the makeup fixing process is an absolutely essential procedure in summer. After finishing the eye makeup, gently press a layer of honey powder. This can effectively prolong the durability of eye makeup.

In addition, after blushing in the last step, sweep the powder again. This can achieve the effect of second makeup fixing. It can also make the blush look more natural and full.

Facial Skin of Makeup

Third, choose cosmetics with high durability and color rendering. Fourth, first remove the oil and then make up. When many girls make up in summer, they directly throw a small powder on their faces. And that makes them satisfied. As a result, it took a long time to get another piece of oil.

You must remember to oil your face first. When the facial skin reaches a refreshing state, the makeup effect will be better. And in this way, your makeup tools will be very clean, and you will not be prone to acne.

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