21 Meaningful and Small Tattoo Ideas for Females

The first tattoo pattern suitable for girls is all kinds of flowers. For example, pasonia suffruticosa tattoos represent wealth. Rose tattoos represent love and romance.

Various Flower Tattoos

Plum blossom tattoo represents not afraid of hardship. Lotus tattoo represents purity. Narcissus tattoos represent nobility.

Because girls themselves are beautiful. And the makeup with flowers and tattoos makes them more beautiful. Each different flower tattoo pattern represents different meanings. Flower tattoos are not only colorful, but also varied in shape.

Cute Tattoo Patterns

The footprints of the lovely puppy make us feel like standing down to earth. Besides, the beautiful butterfly tattoo pattern makes the female friends more dreamy and beautiful.

The third tattoo pattern suitable for women is lace. Or five-pointed star and other small objects. All of these tattoos add a lot of fun to our life.

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