30 Amazing Hair Extension Ideas for Long Hair and Short Hair

Nowadays, women attach great importance to their own hairstyles. They change their hairstyles many times a year. Either perm or dye their hair, and some women are still not satisfied with their hairstyles. Are you not satisfied with your hair quality? If so, you may choose the way of hair extension to get the hairstyle you want. You know that hair extension has become very popular these days. Some women pay special attention to hair extension. And have high requirements for their own hairstyles. If you feel that your hair is not very long, you need to try these following hair extension ideas.

Hair extension is to connect your hair to your own real hair, which instantly turns from short hair to long hair. The hair used for hair extension can be wig or real hair. Hair extension divide into two types: wig and manual wig. The materials used are chemical fiber silk and human hair. The fiber is mainly made of PVC and PET. The flame retardant silk and non can distinguish according to the added flame retardant.

Methods of Hair Extensions

Currently, there are mainly three popular methods of hair extension in hair salons. They are bonding hair extension, button hair extension and weaving hair extension. These three ways have their own advantages. Among them the weaving technology is newer and more natural. Basically, it can keep for three to six months in each way. Currently, there are two kinds of hair extension methods popular in hair salons. They are bonding hair extension and button hair extension. Bonding hair extension is to divide the hair used for hair extension into a small wisp and a small WISP. Each wisp of about 10 to 20 hairs.

Then apply the viscose rich in keratinine to the hair root of a small wisp of hair. And take the real hair with the same amount of hair at the appropriate position. Quickly connect the hair to the root of the real hair, about one centimeter away from the hair. The adhesive will solidify quickly, so a long hair can connect. The buttons also divide the hair into small strands. It’s using special buttons to connect the long hair to connect to the root of the real hair. The hair above the head will naturally fall down to cover the buttons. Besides, the advantage of this hair extension is clear. It is more convenient to remove the buttons and long hair when you don’t want it in the future.

Nursing Methods of Hair Extensions

First, the comb used to comb extension hair every day must be round-headed with wide line spacing. Do not use too much strength when combing, or it will cause the loss of your hair extension. Second, shampoo and hair conditioner of your extension hair must be acidic. Third, do not expose to the sun for too long. Fourth, when blowing hair, the air cylinder should not be too close to the root of hair extension. Fifth, when washing your hair, do not press the hair root with strength. Sixth, wig tablets of hair extension need regular care. The wig tablets bought from professional wig shops can send back to clean. That is with professional cleaning agents. If it bought in general stores, you can use moisturizing shampoo.

First soak the hair slice in cold water for a few minutes. Then drop 2 drops of shampoo after changing the water again. Stir it well with hands and then soak it. Finally put it in a ventilated place and dry it naturally. Seventh, hand-prepared smooth spray. One of the uncomfortableness of hair extension is here. For example, you can’t comb your hair at all, especially after blown up by the wind. The more anxious you are, the more unsmooth you will be. It is easy to get mad when you get angry. Besides, it is much more convenient to have a smooth spray in hand, just use your finger to dredge it.

Types of Hair Extension

The types of hair extension are different. So, the ways and methods of hair extension are also different. Some hair extension types must complete by professional hair stylists. Yet some only need to operate by themselves. For example, clip hair and so on. Hair quality can divide into real hair and fiber silk. And you can choose according to your preference. Although the fiber silk is colorful, it is not easy to comb. Make the color of the connected hair and the natural root look harmonious. So the hair wax used for bonding can divide into four types. Black, purple, red and yellow according to the different hair colors of each person.

Do you want to change your hair from short to long or from thin to thick? If so, you may choose real hair extension. Then the price varies from 125 dollars to 320 dollars according to the length of the hair. Or you just want to change your mood and randomly connect two locks of colorful hair? Then the price is about 30 dollars. If you choose fiber silk hair extension, the price will be lower. Are you tired of the long or colorful hair you have picked up? Here, the hair stylist will take them off with professional and special potion. Or you often use alkaline shampoo when washing your hair? If so, the connected hair will fall off naturally.

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