30 Inspired Pink and Blue Harry Style Nails Worth to Try This Summer

It’s 2020. Boys have a different world to do nail art. First of all, I have to mention the recently popular Harry Style nails. Because the new album exposed very much during the promotion period. He is one of the top male stars who love nails.

Elegant Harry Style Nails

Even if a boy has a maiden-style manicure, he will not violate it. It is like the fingernails painted by a naughty daughter for her father. She doesn’t feel mother at all, but has a kind of tenderness?

For example, in the recent Harry style nails, there are many contrasting colors. But with tattoos and rough rings, there is a contradictory beauty of urgly beauty.

Harry Style Nails with Contrat Colors

Harry style nails like to use bright colors and contrast colors. Gucci matches the pink and green color of the white suit during the activity. When attending the Met Gala earlier, many stars chose to wear the stunning Harry style nails.

There are also some stars who have integrated Harry style nails into daily dressing. Like some singers who usually walk in hip-hop style, Harry style nails is part of the style.

Driving Harry style nails is actually not that troublesome! Follow the following principles.

Tips to Make Harry Style Nails

First of all, be sure to trim your nails neatly and smoothly. No dead skin, neatness is a prerequisite for all modeling.

Secondly, the square Harry style nails is suitable for most people. It is better not to be too long than your fingertips.

I tried Harry style nails for the first time. Are there any scruples? Then use transparent or black to start with a low profile.

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