20 Gorgeous Vintage Tattoo Styles of Both Old School and New School

These days, there are many famous vintage tattoos in the world, and everyone has his own unique work attributes. No matter whether you are clean or colorful, it is inevitable that you are fascinated by the dazzling style when you want to refer to the vintage tattoos. So we classified them according to the vintage style and sorted out some of the most attractive vintage tattoos in our own list. Those who want to refer to the style of vintage tattoos must be right. If you need it, please collect it quickly.

For example, here is a tattooist who is active all over the world. Her works are presented in the style of old school, which is different from the monotonous material selection elements of old school style in the past. She perfectly integrates some punk or evil themes of modern style into the works. There is also a vintage stylist from Florence, Italy. He uses oldschool’s thick lines to depict his works, but the theme of the tattoos includes anime and Japanese traditional elements, which are both old and new. It can be said that he plays the style very unique.

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