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35 Low-maintenance Garden Landscaping Designs for Your Front Yard and Back Yard

Garden landscaping is the outdoor extension and expansion of family residence. And is the nearest distance for people to approach nature after work. Having garden landscaping makes the concept of home complete. So, a pleasing garden landscaping design considers the wisdom and talent of designers. Also, garden landscaping design is different from interior design. Besides, garden landscaping design is a three-dimensional space design. What’s more, objects of the same size have different feelings indoor and outdoor.

The natural environment strongly influences the garden landscaping. A person’s neighbor may or may not seem sustainable. Besides, garden landscaping does not match the local environment. And garden landscaping does not need as little extra cultivation as possible. Because it usually costs a lot of money and time to keep garden landscaping healthy and good. To avoid this situation, you can change the appearance. It is by replacing any exotic plants with variants of local plants. So, hpw to help you generate new design concepts of garden landscaping? The following will introduce different styles. Also, and themes of garden landscaping that match different environments.

Styles of Garden Landscaping in Different Countries

The style of garden landscaping originates from some aspects. For example, trying to imitate the best natural landscape in one’s own home or place. A garden landscaping style has evolved in the southwest of the United States. It reflects the dry cliff and Arroyo of its villages. Besides, garden landscaping in British villages reflects the best place in British villages. There, they cultivated by constant fog. While Japanese Zen garden landscaping fully reflects Japanese villages.

The natural or “native” appearance of one place called “exotic” in another place. Because the environment is different. In the southwestern US, Japanese Zen garden landscaping is full of exotic atmosphere. But in Japan, garden landscaping in southwest or Santa Fe style is full of exotic atmosphere. There are some places where garden landscaping is exotic. Then the garden will spend more time and money to make it develop successfully. However, due to its “foreign” appearance, it is more interesting to find local residents.

Classy Examples of Garden Landscaping

You know the garden landscaping is to achieve sustainable development. But the main part of the garden build according to its own climate. Or the part compatible with the world climate. So, a little exotic can add here and there. For example, in a garden landscaping in Arizona, a Japanese bridge may become a fake Arroyo Bridge. In California, the British Willow Pond may become a small water conservation pool. In the Mediterranean, the rock wall of flowering plants in planting boxes is normal. A rock wall can replace by Santa Fe-style bright painting to gain exotic atmosphere.

Take the garden landscaping of Huntngton Botainical Cardens as an example. This 207-acre botanical garden divide into two major garden landscaping parts. They are Botanical garden area and art and cultural relics exhibition area. In the botanical garden area, there are trees, flowers and plants garden landscaping. Also, divide into North garden, tea garden and Shakespeare garden. Besides, Rose garden, Brown beech garden, Japanese garden. And Desert garden, subtropical garden, Australian Garden, vegetation Garden and other 12 districts. But the most attractive one is the desert garden landscaping. It planted with all kinds of grotesque desert plants. For example, cactus and succulent stem plants. In addition, it is skillfully placed in a background like its growing environment. But it is even more fascinating.

Details of Representative Garden Landscaping

The following photos show examples of different styles of garden landscaping. Their description shows some typical features of these garden landscaping. Next is the British country cottage of garden landscaping. The rolling lawn cover with trees, surrounded by colorful flowers. Lawn usually contains some kind of pond, sometimes there will be a waterfall and/or a stream with bridges.

Then is mediterranean garden landscaping. Plant boxes on brick or stone walls. And each of them fills with one or two flowering plants, especially those spilling from one side. The growers follow the stone path and the small streets on both sides. They imitated the Cliff by the sea. Third, it’s European-style garden. It Includes highly developed complex maze. That is with benches or other rest points in the center. Also, fountains are often inserted in the courtyard. That is to attract a large number of hungry pigeons. Japanese Zen garden landscaping-curved landscape and fishpond, bridge and curved path. Flowers increase interest, but they are not as dominant as gardens of other styles. Tall, light bamboo forest. The overall effect is one of the green or soft peace and relaxation.

The Stuff of a Dream Garden Landscaping

This kind of garden landscaping design concept introduces another level of garden landscaping design, which is called “theme”. Style refers to the overall appearance of garden landscaping, which develops with its native environment (no matter what it may be). garden landscaping can also have a theme-one of the main things that designers use to add personality to local garden landscaping.

The theme is the focus of garden landscaping design. For example, you may want a garden landscaping that mainly attracts birds or butterflies; Or a garden landscaping made of edible food and herbs; Or all or most of it is a color or shape of garden landscaping. garden landscaping can be completely composed of shrubs, flowers or grass, including weeds that some people may call “Weeds” (weeds are unstoppable and unnecessary plants).

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