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30+ Classy Patio Ideas Including Furniture and Lighting

Patio is different from balcony. And most people cannot distinguish the difference between balcony and Patio. Under normal circumstances, we can distinguish by the floor space of the two. The Patio is not completely capped, but the balcony is permanently capped and has a guardrail. The space of the Patio is very large, suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities. In contrast, the balcony space is much smaller. The modern Patio is the intersection of indoor and outdoor. Against surrounding environment, Patio can create a completely different atmosphere from the interior. It is completely the embodiment of high-quality life.

Patio, is a common thing of contemporary architectural design. Also, it is an interactive point connecting indoor and outdoor. Besides, it’s standing on the roof platform or protruding between floors. The Patio is a large area with no shelter above, so it called the Patio. For the Patio, non-blocking is its natural advantage. And it also has certain limitation meaning. Therefore, when designing, one should not be willful. Only by careful consideration can one ensure the comfortable use of the Patio in the future. Based on this, we divide the Patio into two design steps for elaboration.

Nessessities of Simple Patios

Modern people who own the patio like to create the artistic conception of the patio very much. Or stay tall and view or freehand brushwork leisurely, very comfortable. Because of the particularity of the patio, the lighting is very sufficient. Compared with the indoor, it is more suitable to hold social parties and other activities. In the life of designing the patio, we need to consider the location of the green plants. Also, what kind of green plants are suitable. And how to arrange the rockery waterscape. Also, where to pave the floor. Besides, how to place the furniture, how to arrange the drainage location and so on.

There are few patios in general families. The patio is generally set in the office or outdoor activity Platform. Standing on the patio, you can breathe better air and sunshine stronger. Because the patio has great sunshine and good vision, we can often see the patio in commercial space. For example, coffee shops, restaurants, bookstores and other places. In order to meet the high requirements of modern people, the patio also has a closed sunlight room patio. This kind of patio can also open the sunlight room at any time. That is through electrical equipment to meet various needs.

Attentions of Making a Patio

Before designing the patio: Ask yourself what the patio is used. The determination of a spatial attribute needs to be provided by the residents, and the design of the patio is no exception. From the space function of the patio, to the overall style, and then to the configuration of single product, every step of setting needs careful consideration. For patio, it carries many functions. The patio exists either as the function room of the balcony, or as the daily resting area, or combines the garden with the pet area, which is a choice of the attribute definition of the patio. What we need to do is to determine the attribute requirements of the patio and then make the next plan.

The patio can be used as a functional area. The functional area setting of the patio mentioned here is based on the design of the open balcony, which brings the daily functions into it. The patio here includes three modes: traditional drying design, outdoor restaurant design and garden design. Moving the restaurant into the courtyard space is one of the methods to create a romantic atmosphere. In the matching design of the patio, in addition to selecting furniture accessories with good texture, waterproof, moisture-proof and corrosion-resisting, green plants, string lights and other accessories to foil the atmosphere can also be added around the patio. The patio here is actually a place to find a place for the green plants and flowers in the home. The arrangement of the patio can be decided according to one’s own preference, and the landscape garden setting can also be put into the patio.

Tips to Make a Patio

There is a patio at home, which can add fun and comfort to our daily life. The patio can be designed as a garden or a functional area. So how to design the patio more reasonably? Now let’s learn about how the patio should be designed. Determine the environment of the patio if you want to design a garden in the patio, you must consider the natural environment in the patio. It is necessary to know which plant pollen family members are allergic to, and choosing some small trees is also a good choice.

Green plants can make the living environment fresher and purify the indoor air better. If it is the design of the patio in the leisure area, we need to take into account such situations as strong solar radiation, large temperature difference between day and night, strong wind, etc, then choose radiation-resistant sunshade, chairs and other items according to specific requirements. If your patio is big enough, you can choose one or two kinds of vegetable seeds and then plant them on your own patio, so that you can eat organic vegetables. There are many forms designed by patio, just depending on what effect you want.

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