37 Beautiful Floral Tattoo Designs with lotus, lily and other various flowers

Summer is around us.

Autumn is also not far away.

Let’s follow flower tattoos.

Walk into the Palace of Summer.

And the grand scenery of Autumn.

Origin of Flower Tattoos

Flower tattoos art is the same as painting on canvas.

It focuses on technology.

The design inspiration of these complex flower tattoos,

From beautiful flowers blooming.

As a result, flower tattoos will intersect with your soul.

These flower tattoos present various shapes, sizes and styles.

Flower tattoos consist of bright tones,

Bold and beautiful flowers stand out.

And seek inspiration in the field of body art.

Inspiration of Flower Tattoos

Flower tattoos are often inspired from,

Watercolor painting, line drawing, and even cross-stitch embroidery.

Flower tattoos with bright color blocks.

Stylized aesthetic sense and black line as characteristics.

Flower tattoos are both elegant and eye-catching.

Each design of flower tattoos shows,

Artists’ superb taste and professional methods of body art forms.

Flower tattoos are almost like magic.

Because it can maintain the sensitivity of the picture.

And perfectly mix pigments and delicate lines of each preliminary plan.

Flower tattoos demonstrate the simple style and love for the natural world.

In order to create exquisite flower tattoos, and arouse the peculiar fluidity of watercolor painting,

Every fantastic flower tattoos.

They are all inspired by soft colors.

Flower tattoos inspired by changing seasons, also from real life.

Like many tattoo artists who like flower tattoos very much.

Black Ink Flower Tattoos

However, unlike most flower tattoos artists,

Some flower tattoos are specially made of black ink .

They are with obvious outline and bold shadow in each flower tattoos.

Besides, they are all offset by intricate details.

Adding subtle touch to other powerful designs.

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