60+ Fantastic Short Square Nail Designs for Spring and Summer

Our female friends always make up before going out for a date. Even a light make-up can make us look refresh because has been counted as a basic etiquette. It can be said that the hand is our second face, so making up nails is another skill that needs to be mastered, just like the effect of making up as heavy and light. If you haven’t mastered the skill of making short square nails, then you might as well try to make up your fingernails, and repair the shape of your fingernails. At last, do a care or apply a background color to highlight your temperament better.

Classy Colors of Short Square Nails

Besides going to a short square nail beauty shop to enjoy the service, you can also do the short square nail beauty DIY by yourself, no matter it is monochrome or color, you can learn it. TWhen it comes to the classy colors of short square nails, blue is the color with the highest usage rate in monochrome system. From sky blue, light blue to dark blue, it gives people a feeling of refreshing and temperament, and it can HOLD the scene for leisure vacation and weekend date, making the ability of short square nails’ whitening great.

In the color Department of short square nails, the most popular one is the classic color matching of black and white lines, which is both fashionable and energetic. Moreover, the old black and white partners match short square nails perfectly, and you can know this point from the application of color matching of clothes. Therefore, when choosing the safe and fashionable short square nail polish color, people will also tend to choose black and white. So, just leave some nail color when applying, not completely full, it is equivalent to using the collocation of three colors, which is very creative.

How to Repair Your Short Square Nails if Broken

If you accidentally cut your nail when trimming for short square nails, do you know how to save your nails? Can you repair the short square nail you want? Don’t be afraid. At this time, what you need are a piece of nail and some tools, such as nail gel, transparent primer and a file. What should you do after preparing these tools?

First of all, the trimmed short square nails need to be polished and leveled, and then use a file. Then apply the nail glue on the edge of the broken nail, and stick the cut-up nail to the position which needs to be repaired. Press the short square nail to make them stick together tightly. The next step is to continue to use a file to smooth the bulge on the surface of the short square nail. If you want to be more beautiful, you can paint the nails, which will make the concealer better.

Tips of Trimming Short Square Nails

Women who love beauty all know that trimming short square nails will make their hands seem longer and the nails more beautiful. So how to trim short square nails? The first step is to polish and trim the redundant parts of the fingernails, and pay attention to trimming them into the reverse T-shape to form the shape of upper width and lower width. After trimming, your short square nails need to be polished. Polish the corners and polish them, which can not only avoid hurting yourself but also make you look beautiful.

After the first step, we need to clean up the dead skin around your short square nails. Next, handle the side seams of the short square nails to make the them more clean and smooth. When cleaning, softener can be used to help clean gently. Remember to wash your hands after cleaning, and apply hand cream and nail polish to hand massage and nursing. Isn’t it very simple? This is the basic pruning and nursing steps of short square nails, which are very similar to simple light makeup steps.

Who Matches Short Square Nails Perfectly

Short square nail is generally suitable for people who have relatively long manicure beds, and their hands look relatively slim. This kind of short square nails are generally required to have relatively high shapes. If your hands are not particularly slender, you can choose this kind of short square nails with slightly shorter square fingernails, which looks not so strong in radian, but also more gentle. What are the popular short square nails?

What Matches Short Square Nails Perfectly

Vertical gradient short square nails are fancy while gradient short square nails always follows the immortal route. But vertical gradient is not. Instead, it is a high-level style. While the color is arranged vertically, the short square nails can catch the eyeballs more strongly.

You need to be sure to try this kind of short square nails. You know that the wave point short square nails suddenly turns warm, which is largely because of the pictures below! Besides, the red and nude base of cherries, plus the elements of polka dot and net pattern, makes the short square nails look cute and fresh. In addition, square sequins short square nail is a kind of sequins very popular in Korean, mainly square and rectangle. The manicurists in South Korea usually spread on the single finger to make an embellishment.

Techniques of Making Short Square Nails

Here we want to remind everyone that apart from the color, when choosing short square nail polish, it is also an important factor for painting to show a higher level to pay attention to the requirement of smooth brush head. During the process of daubing short square nails, you can tilt the angle of 60 degrees to operate, and applying the primer is also a small skill of adding points. When you brush, the technique of the first middle and the second two sides will be more uniform.

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