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60+ Aesthetic Flooring Options for Your Kitchens and Bathrooms

There are many standards for the classification of flooring. For example, solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring, reinforced flooring. Besides, it can be according to materials. Or functions. Thta is, outdoor flooring, sports flooring, household flooring. With the development of this industry today, there is a way of division according to design. And the division according to design base on the consumer’s home design needs.

Design type flooring, first of all. It will be different from general floor in appearance, such as modeling, color. Secondly, the assembly method of design type flooring is relatively rich. For example, parallel pavement, herringbone pavement. Also, mixed color pavement, mosaic pavement and so on. Thirdly, the designed floor makes the floor no longer just the flooring. And the floor runs from the flooring to the wall, even on the suspended ceiling. It has become a “three-in-one” functional flooring. Fourthly, the collocation and use of flooring should guided by professional consultants. That is to ensure the coordination of styles. Fifthly, design floor, generally, it customized flooring. And the price is relatively high. Sixth, the main consumers of design flooring are those having strong economic strength. Also, and those pursue the sense of design. High-end public places also prefer designed floors, such as high-end hotels, clubs, etc.

Tips of Flooring– Part 1

In fact, there is a very good plan for flooring design. Is your house installed like this? Many owners will choose tiles for flooring installation and laying. And they will even choose the design of self-leveling and wood flooring. In fact, the materials of these designs will not differ too much, but there will be some differences in price. But when laying, it is obvious that something can feel. They are, the old tiles, the expensive marble, the small pattern of self-leveling. Also, and the waterproof defects of solid wood flooring. Therefore, when laying the floor, we need to find a better material to help. That is to make a leap in the quality of home decoration. So today, let’s take a look at the materials about terrazzo with the us, hoping to share them to help everyone. Terrazzo flooring is not unfamiliar to everyone.

And we even can see frequently in large senior clubs such as hotels and hostels. Such a design often impresses people deeply. Because its own smoothness will give people a sense of advanced. Even if the flooring is not so clean, it will also see the reflective side of the flooring, which is a great advantage. But the patterns of terrazzo flooring are rich, especially for the overall design. You can see a lot of high-end and high-grade patterns. Not only does it support the decoration style of the house. But also it can meet the needs of any owner in the choice of the style and expand the function of terrazzo. And it can also make the decoration of the home beautiful. In this way, flooring of home decoration actually becomes much simpler. Moreover, terrazzo flooring will lay on the floor to improve the quality of the flooring.

Tips of Flooring– Part 2

The simple ground is the best substrate to show the space character. The natural wood not only feels warm, but also gives off the natural fragrance of log. The warm feature has the effect of curing and relaxing. Herringbone and fishbone flooring pattern floor have attracted the attention o Home Lovers . Reasonable and elegant pavement and decoration are retro and fashionable. And they will never be out of date when they mentioned. The flat-paved flooring transform into the body immediately. Although it was still, it made the space flow. The flooring was no longer the background of foil, but the leading role. The most common style is neither dark nor light yellow, with light color or dark color furniture. And then mix and match a small amount of colored flooring or black furniture, which can add vitality. Scatter the precious sunshine and match the flooring with white walls.

This is to make the space brighter and less crowded. The color matching uses black, white, gray and log. So it matches several color items to brighten the space. From flooring to ceiling, from low to high, the color from deep to light. From heavy to light, it will make people more comfortable. In fact, the dark color of flooring is also easy to match with modern industrial style. And the walls painted dark gray or black. The industrial style begins to take shape by using ironworks and dark wood furniture. Then add some corresponding accessories. Compared with the standard flooring, the whole space is more lively and personalized. Because it’s by using different depths and textures. Closing is the connection of two materials and the embodiment of details. The warm texture of wood flooring is suitable for any material. And it has neutralization effect.

Tips of Flooring– Part 3

This kind of flooring design scheme is rarely used by people, but it is the most practical. In the past, when we were decorating the house, we always tangled between ceramic tiles and wood floors, thinking that the flooring decoration was nothing but ceramic tiles and wood floors. However, with the development of science and technology, many new decoration materials of flooring have emerged. In addition to tiles and wood floors, we also have many new choices. I don’t know if you have heard of cement self-leveling flooring. This design is affordable and effective. Some friends say that there is nothing good about cement self-leveling flooring, just like cement, which makes people feel ordinary. If you think so, you are totally wrong. We can also add our favorite paint to present our favorite color of the current cement self-leveling flooring, and the cement self-leveling can achieve mirror effect.

There is no gap after decoration, and it is especially easy to handle. The most important thing is that this kind of flooring is anti-wear and corrosion-resistant, and has a very long service life. There is no need to worry about redecoration after a period of time. And it is also all-match, no matter what kind of flooring decoration style, it is very suitable to use! Moreover, this kind of flooring decoration method is also very simple to construct. Sometimes we don’t need to find a professional master to decorate quietly, thus saving a sum of labor cost. In fact, this kind of flooring decoration has appeared a long time ago, but it was used in public places, such as large supermarkets and hospitals. Now it has been improved and gradually entered into home decoration. The construction of cement self-leveling flooring is very simple.

Tips of Flooring– Part 4

In the traditional home decoration, the flooring seems to be in an indifferent position, and the customers always consider wallpaper, curtains, furniture and so on. In fact, as long as there is a good flooring design, the flooring can also create amazing visual effects. Flooring on the wall: the whole wall is made of high-rise wood floor, and the design of the wall is full of creativity. The perfect wood grain is better than all the artificial decorations.

Flooring Ceiling: The flooring is the floor tile, and the ceiling part chooses the floor, which shows a natural effect on the contrary. The ceiling part of the flooring is completed in a large area, matched with white walls and cotton and linen sofas, which complement each other and is just right. Colorful flooring: If you are tired of the traditional wood grain floor, you can process it by yourself and give the floor a new color, which can make the most common flooring become avant-garde and fashionable and get unexpected effects. Map flooring: map floor is definitely the most educational decoration method. Having such a room can not only become a geographical genius, but also feel that you can travel around the world at any time. Flooring graffiti: flooring graffiti mainly shapes dramatic spatial deformation from angle, brings out surreal style, takes you into a different real world.

Tips of Flooring– Part 5

With the continuous improvement of people’s requirements for living environment, home furnishing has gradually become personalized and quality, and the flooring is an essential part of home decoration, people are also more and more inclined to create a distinctive atmosphere for their own homes through unique paving methods. You know, if the flooring is well laid, it will not only make the scenery under your feet more texture, but also make the furniture around look more classy! Among the various types of flooring pavements, the simple but not simple “Fishbone patching flooring” is simply a wonder in the parquet flooring.

Its shape is arranged orderly like fish bones flooring, and its rich texture makes the space full of three-dimensional sense, which instantly makes your house full of tune. It is generally applied to the decoration style which is full of literary and artistic feeling or relatively luxurious. It can be called “the most low-key luxury” in the flooring no matter in the aspects of pavement technology, construction price, visual level and so on “. In terms of material loss, fish bones flooring are more cost-effective than other ordinary floors, and are more suitable for rooms with relatively complete space. The loss rate of ordinary flooring is 3% ~ Between 5%, while the loss of Fishbone patching flooring in the cutting process only reaches 6%, in addition, the starting and ending of the floor need to be trimmed to lay neatly, installation loss will consume about 2%.

Tips of Flooring– Part 6

The herringbone flooring is a kind of splicing method which is very similar to the fishbone flooring. If you think the Fishbone flooring is too complicated, you might as well use the same high-end, grand and high-grade herringbone flooring. Traditional European decoration likes this elegant and retro collage style very much, but this style is also very suitable for modern families. In recent years, herringbone flooring has become more and more popular in home decoration and is deeply loved.

Generally speaking, each flooring made by Fishbone is rhombus, while each floor made by Herringbone flooring is rectangular. However, compared with herringbone flooring, Fishbone flooring is a step more cutting, which requires 45 ° cutting of the two short sides of the floor to align the middle seam, thus making the craft more complicated. However, from the perspective of visual effects, the two flooring methods have their own aesthetic feeling. As for which one is better, it depends on personal preferences. There are three common ways to lay herringbone flooring: straight and flat herringbone flooring, single herringbone flooring and double herringbone flooring. Double font flooring is a two-in-one double-line paving method, which looks in a mess and is more similar to the feeling of weaving. It is also a popular paving method in the market. In real life, I-shaped laying is the most common wood flooring splicing method.

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