80 Prettiest Colorful Coffin Nails for the Beginning of 2020

A pair of beautiful hands, how can you miss the beautiful manicure? Do the little sisters think so too? Maybe in normal times, everyone just made some simple pure color manicure. Although it feels good to be simple and clean, not everyone is suitable for that kind of simple style, today, I would like to recommend some “not simple” warm heart manicures. Let’s plant some grass with me to see where the warmth is.

We know that you may think it scary and a little absurd to choose coffin nails, but it really worth a try because it is really important to keep you looking chic and on-trend. If you are puzzled on where to start, then you’re in luck. Here we find the most fashionable 80 coffin nails for you. Let’s have a look.

Popular Colors of Coffin Nails

The background color of this kind of coffin nails is milky tea, which is relatively pink, and it has the feeling that autumn and winter are coming soon. The background color of coffin nails looks very gentle with the pink milky tea color. With some ornaments of gold foil and marble on it, is there any kind of touching tenderness? This kind of coffin nails is more suitable for people with white hands and slender fingers. Don’t try it easily for those with black skin color or short length of fingers.

This is a simple frame of European and American coffin nails, which is more suitable for some girls whose skin color is relatively dark. This kind of coffin nails has the effect of brightening the skin. Girls with yellow skin and white skin can do it. It not only brightens the skin but also shows white skin. The shape of the nail is coffin-shaped, without the traditional oval. To do this kind of coffin nails, I suggest that you have long nails to have enough space to make gradient effect.

Warm Feelings of Coffin Nails

Who hasn’t had a sweet girl’s heart! Then this sweet milk powder series coffin nails is a girl’s heart-filled manicure, the background color is the milk tea color series powder. The color of the milk powder is very white, making your whole fingertips become pink. Adding some embellishment of gold foil and shells to the background color of coffin nails, isn’t there any warm feeling? It is suggested that girls with white hands do it, which makes your hands more white. Warm Brown coffin nails gives you the overall feeling of warmth in autumn and winter, which is very comfortable. This kind of opponent has higher requirements. Only those kind of coffin nails with relatively slender hands and relatively white and bright skin are suitable for making. Of course, the temperament you made is also very good. As long as you make this one, you will be the warmest girl.

I have suggestions on which skin color is more suitable for each of the above models, and the Little Sisters should do kind of coffin nails according to their own skin color and the length of their fingers, then we should try our best to avoid those that are not recommended, otherwise the effect may not be so good. The most important thing is to match some warm manicures, for example, match a warm floral dress.

Red Coffin Nails

The red color has always been the hot color chosen for coffin nails. Any skin color will not go wrong and it is extremely white, but a single color is a little vulgar. Whether this big red coffin nail is the main color and the embellishment of light pink shells, golden flowers and colorful diamonds is super creative. Dark red, Jiao Tang, orange and pink shells support this coffin nails. Golden fragments and golden threads embellish on the shells, which are somewhat flashing but not exaggerated. It is OK to paint them everyday.

You are right to see smiling faces, flowers, candy-colored sequins and colorful chain elements all can be made into coffin nails. Is such an exaggerated combination also extremely childish? I will feel happy when I look at this coffin nail. White caramel-colored manicure is an indispensable color in winter. Besides white, it can also be versatile. It is very intellectual to match with dark or light sweater coats. This caramel color coffin nail embellishes the light purple slant, which improves the overall feeling of manicure a lot.

Steps for French Style Coffin Nails

The pink coffin nails that you never get tired of is the favorite of many girls. The pink and tender color first makes your fingertips look especially cute, which has a great effect of age reduction, and the pink coffin nail is very versatile. Besides, it has a lot of beautiful shapes and can be matched with different coffin nails. It is a very worry-free manicure color! Here we’d like to share with you a set of sequins coffin nails, which must be the same as the little fairies. Most girls have done sequins manicure, which is a popular sequins element because it makes the fingertips look particularly gorgeous, and ordinary fingertips also have highlight moments.

Here are the steps for classic French golden sequins self-made coffin nails:
Step 1: Coat the nails with white primer.
Step 2: As shown in the figure, after the bottom oil dries, use black nails to draw French edges.
Step 3: Apply a layer of bright oil to dry.
Step 4: As shown in the figure, there is golden sequins of nail polish on the nail.
Step 5: Then, the last layer of light oil on the picture is done.

Decorations of Coffin Nails

These decorative coffin nails with super visual impact, whether in terms of style or color matching, giving full play to the Oriental charm. With it in any season, you will find that the world can also be so beautiful. If you want your fingertips to be fashionable, you might as well have a shining and attractive coffin nails. Coffin nails is also one of the ways to make you fashionable, otherwise you will become thin and bald. It is very important to make a glittering and attractive rhinestone coffin nails in the aspect of setting, which not only looks shining, but also makes yourself more fashionable and attracts others’ attention at once! The most important thing is that this kind of coffin nails will be popular with the goddess, which also makes me have a lot of temperament.

Besides dressing, making a transparent and translucent coffin nails will also help you improve your temperament. It is very suitable to make a jelly-like translucent coffin nails especially in winter and spring, which looks cool. Of course, it will cheer you up, and you will be extremely confident if you raise your hands and throw your feet!

Steps to Make Gredient Coffin Nails

Gradient coffin nail is a popular style this year, and girls should know it. Here is a tutorial of two-color gradient manicure for girls. Come and learn it quickly ~
Step 1 Prepare the oil and tools needed, and then add oil on the nail brush to solidify the light.
Step 2 Take a sponge stick, then take milk and brown nail polish and mint green nail polish, and draw them vertically on the sponge stick.
Step 3 Gently pat the sponge stick on the nail surface, and then wait for it to dry out.
Step 4 After the fingernails are dry, clean the excess nail polish beyond the fingernails.
Step 5 Brush the middle finger and ring finger respectively with adhesive Diamond, stick the diamond and semicircular pearl ornaments, and solidify the light. Finally, brush the whole nail with a layer of bright oil, and wait for it to dry out ~

The Change of Coffin Nails

At the very beginning, people made coffin nails only in simple pure color. Later, It developed into fainting, Diamond, gradient and so on. The styles of coffin nails increased gradually, but pure colorcoffin nails has always been an ever-outdated choice. Many stars are pure color Manicure lovers. Solid color coffin nails is the most versatile. As long as the color matches your own skin color properly, the pure colorcoffin nails will definitely make you shine!

Do you still remember Mickey of Disney? On Children’s Day, how can you forget that your fingernails will be tender as well? Now let’s take a look at the new style of Mickey coffin nails and many other cool shapes. Let’s take a look at the gradient coffin nails. Gradient is to make use of the nail polish to naturally fade on the nail surface, forming a very natural color change from deep to light. Gradient coffin nail is very beautiful, and pink Gradient coffin nails like this, elegant and generous, is more attractive than solid color coffin nails!

The Trend of Coffin Nails

Until 1978, the coffin French nail came. The famous OPI entered the manicure industry during this period. This company, founded in 1981, was previously a dental material supplier. Around 2000, square and almond-shaped fingernails still dominated the nail world. Elegant and coffin fnails are considered to be full of femininity and quiet. Dai Anna Wang Fei highly praise nails of this shape.

But now there is no nail shape that can occupy an era, even coffin fnails. Women always change their fingernails as they wish. New and fashionable people may prefer coffin fnails, while almond-shaped fingernails may be the first choice for those who like classic style. “The exciting thing is that now everyone can find a nail shape. You can have very crazy and long nails, and you can have round-shaped nails that look natural. So many possibilities, women can freely choose. This fully shows that women have mastered their own lives .” Miss Pop said, “This is also why it is difficult to predict the trend of the next wave of manicure fashion next year .”

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