60 Small Tattoos with Meanings for Women and Men

Small tattoos many friends like to tattoo on the left/right top of the chest, the back of the neck, the bare part of the feet, the waist, beside the clavicle and so on. So, what small patterns are good-looking? What exactly does tattoo mean? Highlight personality? Record a Story? Witness a course? Artistic creation on the body?

In our impression, people with tattoos are generally very personalized, and there seem to be more boys than girls who are keen on tattoos. However, tattoos are not the privilege of boys, and more and more cool girls also start tattoos. Many small tattoos are not social at all, but very fashionable. Nowadays, the most popular tattoo circle among girls is not sleeve tattoos, but small tattoos. It sounds like a little fresh and lovely in personality, which has a special flavor!

Small Tattoos on Your Wrist

Words, symbols, geometry, animals, plants, anime and portraits as long as you like, any pattern can be the material of your tattoo. And the small tattoo is very low-key, more super fashion, worth trying! What positions are suitable for small tattoos?

The tattoo of the wrist is very, very suitable for tattoo some hipster pictures. The wrist is a very spiritual place. The key word of wrist tattoo is one word: small! Many people will choose this position for the first tattoo, which is very fresh. Wrist tattoo is also a very popular place for couples to tattoo. The wrist tattoo is very beautiful both inside and outside. The outside is usually for others to see, and the inside is very similar to the tattoo for yourself, A picture or text that is meaningful to oneself is very special. At the same time, this position is also very suitable for couples to tattoo!

Small Tattoos on Your Neck

From neck to back, elegant curve is the pronoun of sexy. If there are some small pictures here, you must be close to your neck to look better. From neck to back, elegant curve is the pronoun of sexy. If there are some small pictures here, you must be close to your neck to look better.

The clavicle seems to be a symbol of a woman’s sex appeal. There is also a saying that the small concave under the throat is called the romantic Bosporus Strait. Lines are very decorative here. From her shoulder, you can see the Bosporus Strait and want to have a rest here. Collarbone tattoo, with a necklace, looming at the neckline, super sexy! When you don’t want to show it, matching a high-collar dress can make you invisible perfectly, which is really one of the best places for girls to tattoo. It should be noted that the tattoo of the clavicle is more suitable for some patterns with simple lines, such as words, small flowers, etc., which can make the concavity and convulsion of your clavicle more obvious. The question you are most concerned about is whether the wrinkles on the clavicle will hurt a lot? In fact, the sebum layer of clavicle is relatively thin and the pain is not very strong.

Small Tattoos on Your Ankle

The ankle is also a very popular position. The ankle is located between the foot and the leg. The slender ankle is more visually thinner than the leg. The best way for Xiaolu to be sexy is the ankle. Ankle tattoos are more suitable for some fresh and sexy pictures. Wearing socks can cover it, and it is very convenient when you want to show it. With a pair of shoes matching tattoos, it’s super cool!

The natural radian of the shoulder is like an artwork, the tattoo is like artistic creation on the body, and the beautiful shoulder is a perfect background drawing board. There are also many choices for shoulder tattoos, big or small pictures are good choices. The unilateral flower shoulder or a pair of patterns on the shoulder are all very beautiful! The tattoo on the shoulder is matched with the earring of the long pendant style, and the side leaks the little sexy shoulder.

Small Tattoos on Your Waist

Which woman doesn’t want to be a sex fairy lady? Waist is one of the sexiest parts of women, and beautiful tattoos will make waist curves more charming. The waist tattoo is mainly used to set off the line feeling of the waist and the fullness of the buttocks. A suitable waist tattoo will make your Yao look more graceful. This part is the best place to make a big picture! But the picture is also very cute, it is more suitable for the front waist and hip bone, it will be more beautiful! However, although the waist is sexy, the waist is really easy to grow Rou Rou, resulting in the risk of tattoo deformation. Therefore, if you are not very confident and self-disciplined about your waist and abdomen, don’t try it easily.

There was once a vote in which men thought that the sexiest part of a woman’s tattoo was the second place of Xiti’s thigh. Thighs are the paradise for tattoo artists to do artistic creation. No matter on the front side or wrapping the leg rings, all can be done. Image effect is very good, small picture effect not bad. Think about it, there is a circle of tattoos on the sexy thighs, which makes people feel blood boiling (blood gushing)! Moreover, the fat layer of legs is relatively thick and the pain is not strong. There is a small tattoo. It feels different, doesn’t it? Don’t like it? You can also go to a special tattoo shop to wash it off later ~

Small Tattoos with Texts

Compared with sleeve tattoos or large-area tattoos, I also prefer these small tattoos, because small tattoos are not very publicized, but if the tattoos are good, if you see them on the road, I will also sincerely give# good-looking# comments! If you choose patterns for tattoos, plants or forests are my first choice. For me, it is a symbol of vitality and creativity.

In addition to plants, there are many small patterns, which are very delicate. For example, text tattoo has always been the entry choice for many people to tattoo. Because it is pleasing and easy to accept, and can also bring some meaning or humor, it becomes a tattoo that is very friendly to the people. The little one hides on the arms and wrists, or matches with the patterns. They are all very cute, recording your beliefs, humor, or reminders on your body. You can use a short passage to express your belief in life and remind yourself of your own things. You can choose to sketch or use non-English language so that others will not easily understand your secret. Intellectual characters know the tattoos. When it comes to the human body, it can also become very sexy, hidden under the shoulder, side body or chest line. These hidden and private places cover the words with sexy postures, but these positions without meat and close to bones are also places where the pain is particularly obvious.

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