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50 DIY Back Yard Ideas with a Fire Pot and a Fence

I believe that everyone wants to have their own backyard. They can rest in the sun all day long, entertain guests, swim in the swimming pool or raise some flowers and plants. These are absolutely great, but this will not happen overnight. A beautiful and perfect backyard needs detailed planning and design. Of course, you also need some inspiration. We can provide you with inspiration. Today, we have collected some cool cases to share with you.

Having a backyard, you can decorate and design an ecological pond. Also, and a small Waterscape Garden facility that you like in the backyard. That is what many people dream of. It can create a more relaxed space. Also, it helps to keep the yard cool in hot summer, which is also a natural oxygen bar in winter. Entering the garden makes people feel comfortable physically and mentally. It’s to give you some inspiration about the decoration design of the garden. We dazzle by many garden design cases. And the styles are also emerging endlessly. Today, here are 8 classic cases of backyard design effects with ponds and water gardens. Hope to help you.

Large Backyard in Modern Style

This modern backyard pond has waterfall characteristics and large stepping stones. We can cross the pond to reach the rest of the garden. Use elements such as architecture, Shui Shi and plants to organize courtyard space; Use basic techniques such as group view, point view, borrowing view and obstacle view to create courtyard space. Customized weathered steel grooves create unique waterscape in this small backyard and increase the life span of plants, making them look greener, vibrant and full of natural atmosphere. Scattered small stones are laid in the rest area to create a natural, leisurely and elegant environment.

The Jinli pool behind the house extends along the length of the glass wall corridor leading to the interior master bedroom. The design method adopts the combination of dynamic and static to introduce the beautiful scenery of the backyard into the interior. This backyard garden has a spacious activity area. After enjoying the courtyard life, it is necessary to add green plants to embellish it according to local conditions. This simple rectangular pond leads to a small pavilion at the back of the yard, which can enhance the feeling of relaxation when sitting under the shade of trees. In the vast backyard, there is an extra rectangular pool with a fairly large pavilion, and the whole backyard garden is full of geometric stereoscopic impression

Small Backyard for Relaxation

This small pond is located beside the outdoor lounge and fireplace, adding a relaxed atmosphere to the backyard and combining aquatic plants to create a small water garden. This small pond with waterscape has a path from the garden to the pond, leading to the outdoor dining area. The minority take artificial landscapes such as artificial rockery and small fountains as the focus scenery, highlighting the emphasis of levels. The principle of choosing the focus scene is not to set too many focuses in the courtyard.

Steel waterscape facilities are a part of the small pond, which surrounds both sides of the terrace, increasing the overall sense of relaxation brought by the time spent in the space. The small rectangular pond in this modern backyard broke the concrete terrace and formed a focus in this area. Establish a vertical landscape belt with the end as the end point, and vertically set two leisure areas for the owner to rest. The landscape belt is dotted with flower beds, sculptures, wooden seats and so on, realizing the visual effect of the moving scene.

Medium-size Backyard with Gorgeous Decor

How to design a beautiful small backyard? Before planning landscape design, what is the “beautiful yard? Is it a gorgeous decoration? Or is it practical and convenient? Of course, in many ways, the landscape design of the yard will depend on its size. If the area is large, then just solve the problem of funds. But if it is a small backyard, it is necessary to determine clear priorities.

Under the condition of limited space, it will be difficult to place children’s playground, barbecue place, restaurant, rest area, big flower bed and lawn. However, if you mark the locations of all the elements you want-pavilions, sheds, flower beds, rock gardens, ponds and courtyard decks, you can design them well. Experts suggest that the whole backyard should be made into a square, and each link should be marked with a key number-buildings or decorative elements. Therefore, it will be easier to draw all the elements needed for landscape design on it so as to create a balanced and harmonious appearance.

Backyard on a Budget

The following are some basic rules to follow when creating comfortable and elegant outdoor areas in limited space. Avoid the large sun-blocking structure, or make the buildings as compact and “ventilated” as possible. Grapes will make them look noble and hide such buildings.

The tall privacy fence will produce a closed effect, so choose a transparent metal fence and decorate the fence with flowering plants. Tall spreading trees are not a good idea, because they take away most of the space, and shrubs and small trees will give you mobility, so choosing these varieties is a better idea. Avoid choosing clear geometric shapes and sharp corners in the layout, which will have some safety risks and keep the decoration simple-planting boxwood, flowerpots, decorative stones and lights. Create a focus. It can be flower beds, small ponds, trees or interesting decorative elements. They will attract attention and divide the visual space into different areas. Use multi-layer and 3D layout effects to play on colorful and uneven terrain, adding depth and characteristics to your yard.

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