20 Simple and Beautiful Butterfly Tattoos Mainly for Your Fingers, Backs and Arms

Butterfly, which runs through the times and culture, is a completely abnormal and inspiring metaphor. Because its changes are impressive from eggs to Caterpillar to pupa, and finally to the amazing beautiful butterfly. In fact, if you get a butterfly tattoo-it is the symbol of significant changes and changes in your life.

Japanese believe that butterfly tattoos are the symbol of beauty and delicate femininity. In the mysterious Christian symbol and art, butterfly tattoos symbolize immortality. In the view of Celtics, butterfly tattoos have similar properties, representing beauty, love and honor. It is also the symbol of the soul in Celtic mentality.

Small Butterfly Tattoos on Your Fingers

Butterfly is the symbol of happiness and love, which can inspire, intoxicate and yearn for people. It is regarded as the symbol of good luck by people. For example, the butterfly of love flowers is often used to symbolize sweet love and happy marriage, which shows human’s pursuit of perfection.

For many female tattoo lovers, the plot of butterfly is like a kind of emotional sustenance, because the beauty of butterfly, the freedom of butterfly and the spirit of butterfly always move women. To let the butterfly stop on your fingers is to hold happiness in your hands. Therefore, we recommend the following picture of butterfly tattoos for you, hoping to bring you luck.

Small Butterfly Tattoos on Your Arms

There are many kinds of butterflies, and almost everyone has different tattoos. People like their beauty, especially girls, who think that butterflies are flying flowers with beautiful body, shape and color, and love is more beautiful. But the formation of butterfly is caused by cocoon breaking. That is to say, it is very ugly when it is young, just like a clown duck turning into a swan. there is a process, and this process goes through darkness and pain, so there is a story behind beauty, which makes people like its beauty more.

Do you want to know what a girl’s arm will look like with a very dazzling butterfly? Look at the colorful butterfly tattoos on these girls’ arms, which may give you a reference of the general effect.

Small Butterfly Tattoos on Your Backs

There are many good pictures of buttefly tattoos in the world, but not all of them can be met. Just like this group of colorful pictures of girls with butterfly tattoos on their backs, many friends must have missed them, but you see today should cherish this rare fate together, because this group of colorful pictures of girls with butterfly tattoos on their backs are really destined for you.

In Greek, butterfly is called “psyche”, which represents the god of love in Greek mythology-chappeter. However, there is another object and butterfly stored together in this word, that is “soul “. In the art of Christianity, butterflies are often the symbol of the revival of human souls. We can see that when the image of Pu love appears in the insert of ancient Greek mythology works, she often carries the light wings of butterflies on her back. These magical animals have attracted numerous people to regard them as forever beautiful patterns of skin.

Why Butterfly Tattoos

Eye-catching design and full of vitality are unique to butterflies, which show the warm life. Many women especially like open butterfly modeling, which is a kind of butterfly with unbiased appearance and beautiful color.

But there are also some women who like the butterfly pattern with unopened wings. Everyone will have some different aesthetics. In addition, there are butterfly designs with more meanings, with more metaphors, symbols and mythological meanings.

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