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77 Interior Home Decor Ideas Including Your Bathroom and Living Room

I knowveryone wants to have a warm home decor. Every day when you go home from work, you can rest at ease. Warm interior home decor is the decoration style that many friends like. However, many owners have not succeeded in home decoration. It is relative to many reasons. For example, knowing nothing about interior home decor. In the aspect of home decoration, it is a hand residue. I want to learn from other people’s interior home decor. But I find it is not suitable at all. Don’t worry. Next we will recommend sets of interior home decor with different styles.

Furniture Selection of Interior Home Decor

Our pursuit of life after work is more inclined to return to nature. We, who are very good at enjoying life. Hope that our interior home decor can bring us a sense of freedom, relaxation and comfort. The house is for living. So the luxurious and uncomfortable interior home decor is not welcomed.

In US, population of interior home decor has a certain economic foundation. They strive for comfort and elegance. It not only pays attention to the quality of interior home decor, but also does not show too much. How to match interior home decor? And to show the characteristics of freedom, warmth and comfort? It makes people feel comfortable, casual and intimate at first sight. Is the real essence of interior home decor.

Lighting Selection of Interior Home Decor

Traditional American interior home decor influenced by France, Britain and other countries. For example, the interior home decor during the colonial period tended to be gorgeous. In addition, the traditional interior home decor was to conform to the large space. And the characteristic of paying attention to comfort. So the size is relatively large. Although the interior home decor furniture is coarse, it is almost very practical. Large dining tables that can lengthen or disassemble into several small tables. Those are very common. In addition, we are keen on having parties at home. So, we need to create a comfortable atmosphere that we don’t want to leave. This is the keynote of the interior home decor. Therefore, most of the sofas are wide, practical, magnificent and soft.

Is the room area not enough? Recommendations or to choose improved. That turns complexity into simplicity of interior home d é cor. Or custom casual, modern interior home d é cor. To conform to the use proportion of the actual space. Achieve perfect coordination effect. Country Style interior home decor retains the treadoma and moth in the process of growth. And work with hands to create traces of time. The longer it lasts, the more delicious it will be. It is suitable for people who love natural wind interior home decor.

Fabric Selection of Interior Home Decor

The choice and collocation of interior home decor’s lighting. interior home decor soft outfit is elegant. The choice of lamps is usually matched with classical wall lamps or floor lamps. The appearance should match the overall style of interior home decor. And the color modeling of furniture. Antique furniture usually uses light pole with carving. What about the luxurious and magnificent leather sofa? Then match with metal polished light pole. Such interior home decor can better highlight the modern sense of the living room.

Selection of Antique Decorations for Interior Home Decor

Interior home decor is mainly warm. Practical comfort and functionality are the key points. Mattress, fitted sheet. And even a small pillow should decorated with the same or similar cloth. What about the collocation of interior home decor furniture? Simple and elegant fabric patterns, delicate cowhide and so on are all the first choices. Highlight the unique temperament and charm of interior home decor.

Material Selection of Interior Home Decor

The decoration matching with interior home decor. It tends to choose artworks that can highlight its unique cultural atmosphere. For example, murals and ancient books. These are the favorite of interior home decor furniture matching. Stone carvings of different sizes are exquisite and meticulous. It is also common in the collocation of interior home decor. The interior home decor decoration space is generally relatively large. Add a special mural in the spacious environment. It can give people a different feeling.

The selection of interior home decor is very extensive. Solid wood, print fabric, handmade nylon, hemp fabric and naturally cut stone… Each piece has a natural taste. It seems that you can come here casually without any hypocrisy. What interior home decor wants is “the feeling of returning to nature”. It reflects the comfort and freedom of life.

Plant Selection of Interior Home Decor

The idyllic interior home decor has higher requirements for the selection of plants. Generally speaking, most of the choices are green-leaf plants that do not bloom. The number of plants is large and evenly distributed in each space. Like beside the tea table. Or beside the dressing table. And the decorative cabinet. It leads to the well-arranged pattern of interior home decor.

The application of traditional American style in color is elegant, soft and harmonious. interior home decor based on the natural hue of logs. The overall color atmosphere of white, red, green and brown rooms is relatively common. Especially in the color selection of walls, furniture and furnishings. Natural, nostalgic and plain colors are typical features of beautiful interior home decor. Most interior home decor wallpapers also choose pulp products. That is with rich mechanism and natural texture.

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