71 Stunning Floral Wedding Ideas for Your Arch and Invitations

Brides love floral wedding in spring!

You get married on the most beautiful day of the year,

And many common wedding flowers are about to bloom.

For you, you can get flowers for floral wedding.

Secondly, you can buy local flowers for floral wedding.

The following are beautiful flowers blooming in spring.

In the staged floral weddings,

Flowers are one of the indispensable roles.

Flowers can display in every part of your floral wedding.

We find many kinds of flower arrangement methods for floral weddings here.

They are suitable for celebrations of any floral wedding style!

Essential Decorations in Floral Weddings

At the scene of floral wedding, flowers are essential decorations. In your important days, you need to know these 10 things about floral wedding in advance. First, lock your floral wedding flower shop for at least 9 months before you get married. The most reputable and famous flowers booked very quickly.

Second, you don’t need to visit every floral wedding store. Discuss with your other floral wedding manufacturers and good friends. Often follow up the update of the flower shop’s website and blog. Then call several of them. Ask them if they have a schedule within the date you need. And they asked about their floral wedding the minimum budget. Have you determined the style of floral wedding? Ask them if they have experience in similar styles. Select two for interview. Intuitively comparing the two will reduce your confusion.

Flowers and Candles in Floral Weddings

Third, in order to achieve the best effect floral wedding, give full play to inspiration. When meeting, I hope to see photos of you and your bridesmaid’s dress. And magazines or blogs on your favorite floral wedding. You have to make sure that your designer can finish the work within your floral wedding budget. And can successfully capture your floral wedding style. Fourth, floral wedding fee will account for 15% of your wedding fee. Spend more money renting 10 round tables instead of 8. Fewer tables mean fewer flowers.

Fifth, candles are another way to cut floral wedding costs. 1/3 of your desk decorated with candles. The other 1/3 surrounded the small candle with flowers in the low place. The last 1/3 placed in the place where the floral wedding returned the gift. The most important is the visual effect of their scattering in the whole space. Sixth, if you like floral wedding, please choose April or May for marriage. You will have the best floral wedding choice. Including all kinds of tulips. They blossom like cherry in full bloom. Flowers blooming from the root are as beautiful as Hyacinth.

The Match with Bridesmaid in Floral Weddings

Seventh, blue is floral wedding fixed color. There are not many natural blue flowers. So it should used in floral wedding. A combination of white hydrangea and blue swallow grass. Put them in the bottle of blue and white porcelain. Tie up ribbons or linen and put them on the reception desk of the floral wedding. Eighth, put the fragrant bouquet on your waist. You ‘d better be right in front of you. This will make your floral wedding the best photos taken. And will not cover your clothes.

Ninth, by the way, your floral wedding bouquet doesn’t necessarily match your bridesmaid. In fact, I would rather see a completely different look. Finally, doing more means a more perfect floral wedding. Don’t just sprinkle petals on the carpet and aisle! We can even sprinkle on the cake. Or on the table covered by flowers, and in every small corner. Many brides like alternative flower decoration inspiration very much. Who can blame them? Classic floral wedding layout and core decoration make people feel a little stale. With the arrival of a new wave of energetic floral wedding, Flowers also bring some fresh perspectives! Continue reading and look at floral wedding latest decoration concept.

Pendant Lights in Floral Weddings

First, floral wedding flower pendant light. Explore your field with hanging flowers! Do not put all vases or utensils on the floor or on the table. Try to put it around your floral wedding ritual area. Or hang some green plants above the guest’s table. This is a beautiful way. It can help attract the attention of your guests to the floral wedding space around them. And use any beautiful fixing device or lighting.

Second, floral wedding flower cocktail. Use some Flower cocktails. Inject your flowers into every part of your floral wedding. Now edible flowers are very popular. And the cocktail will decorate your floral wedding space. Your guests will certainly remember this special aroma and taste. Third, single-stem King flower. This is the most beautiful flower at present. Its color has delicate changes. Have interesting shapes. Let it be placed separately in crystal vases or more industrial containers. This flower will be the center of the floral wedding. All your guests are eager to bring one home.

Brides’ Headdresses in Floral Weddings

Fourth, floral wedding the smallest arrangement. Different from big bouquets, some small arrangements are also very popular now. These use simple green plants as the focus of floral wedding decoration. Use only some stems in your bouquets. Simple and clean. Make other aspects of your floral wedding more dazzling. For example, your site has some amazing architectural details. But you don’t want to be surpassed. Then choose the arrangement of some single stem primary flowers and eucalyptus. Tie them all together. It will enhance the atmosphere of the day you floral wedding.

Sixth, the bride’s headdress. In the romantic floral wedding, the beautiful bride wears a beautiful wedding dress. He wore such a beautiful flower on his head. The face like spring is set off by flowers, sending out a kind of free youth of bohemian style. Everything is so elegant and charming. It attracted the admirable eyes of all the people in the whole floral wedding. Pick some flowers you like and trim them a little. Wearing them with silk ribbon is simple, romantic and charming.

Chair Decoration in Floral Weddings

Seventh, floral wedding the back of the chair. Many people will think that the back of the chair is only used to decorate floral wedding. In fact, it is not. Use the back decoration of the chair in the floral art. It not only makes people experience the fun of flower-arranging. And can sit on the chair decorated by himself. And experience the joy and fun of other flower-arranging works. This is a very good enjoyment! Eighth, flower dress. A suit of flower dress makes people wink. The beautiful bride seems to be a fairy walking in the flowers. This is a beauty that is hard to refuse.

Ninth, flower bow tie. This is a very creative approach in floral wedding. Use mini fleshy plants to make floral wedding bow tie. More vivid and energetic, more cordial and natural. Then there is the flower hat. Flower bride hat! With a little bohemian style, add color to the perfect and unexpected fashion moment! Next is the flower ring. Have you ever seen a ring made of flowers on the floral wedding? It shows warmth and romance. Next is flowers and shoes. High-heeled shoes is full of femininity. And the praise of flowers make them softer and more beautiful. The last is the bride’s wreath. Are you looking for some natural and unconventional floral wedding headdress? Flowers-based modeling is very popular. Whether it is plain Garland? Colorful flower or half Garland? I believe you can find your favorite type from it!

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