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35 Practical Rose Planting Ideas for Caring And Drawing

People always use roses to compare better things. When describing a person’s beauty, he always praises her with such sentences as beauty like a rose. It can be seen that roses are very beautiful. Each rose has its special meaning. We can choose pure and elegant white roses to send to friends or relatives, and we can give warm pink roses to teachers and parents. The beautiful love expression between lovers can be romantic and beautiful roses. No matter which kind of rose can express our feelings well. We can not only give roses to others, but also cultivate our sentiment by planting roses ourselves.

Roses can relieve our mood and beautify our living environment. Rose planting is a very meaningful thing. I prefer festive big red, so I have a special hobby for delicate roses. I like the beauty of roses, the fragrance of roses and the romance of roses. Rose is a shrub plant of rosacea, whose stems are generally upright. There are many small thorns on the surface of roses, so people always say roses with thorns. Roses are feather-shaped and opposite to each other. Rose leaves have different shapes, most of which are oval. The surface of the rose is not covered with fluff, and the color is dark green.

Caring Tips for Rose Planting– Part 1

Most of the flowers of roses grow individually in the armpits of leaves, and there are also several clustered together. The colors of roses are very colorful, including red, pink and white pure white roses. The roses are gorgeous and beautiful. Roses have many small spherical fruits, which are also big red when mature. Roses are very charming. Most women like roses very much. As long as they see roses, they will feel happy and happy from the bottom of their hearts. Although the rose is beautiful, it also needs careful care to appreciate its beauty. Because of people’s special love for roses, it is also very popular to plant roses at home.

First of all, we should choose a flowerpot of appropriate size, and try not to be too small. In order not to inhibit the growth of roses, it is best to choose the one with holes at the bottom of the flowerpot. In this way, the accumulated water can be well eliminated in the later growth process, so as not to cause the rose to rot and die. To choose soil for roses, it is better to choose softer soil, which can be nourished under the leaves in the woods. You can also match some loose soil in the vegetable garden, or cinder burned by cooking at home. Mixed use is also more conducive to the growth of roses. I usually choose to plant roses with seeds and choose some plump seeds to sow in small flowerpots.

Caring Tips for Rose Planting– Part 2

Don’t forget to pour some water on the rose after planting it, and then cover it with plastic wrap. In this way, roses can sprout faster. When the rose sprouts and grows a few leaves, we can carefully transplant it into the big flowerpot prepared in advance. Be careful, don’t hurt the root of the rose, otherwise it will be difficult to grow. Rose is also a kind of plant that likes light and gives it enough sunlight every day. Ensure the normal growth of roses. When the weather is mild, you can keep the roses outdoors. However, when the temperature is relatively high in summer, you should put the roses in a cooler place in the corridor.

Water supplement also needs attention. Generally, it is OK to pour the roses thoroughly. Never let the basin soil of roses produce water. Too much water is easy to produce root rot, which is very unfavorable to the growth of roses. In addition to satisfying the growth conditions of roses, it is also necessary to trim its branches in time and cut off some long and redundant ones. When the rose flowers are in full bloom, they will be harvested into flowers in time. The Rose can bloom several times more to ensure its quantity and improve the quality of flowers. We must take care of every plant with our heart. Only in this way can it better repay us and blossom the best side for us.

Methods of Planting Roses– Part 1

I. Methods of planting roses and precautions for planting roses:If we cultivate roses in a house, we cannot put them in a house without sunshine for a long time. We often and irregularly put roses on the balcony or living room with sunshine to supplement the sunshine. Because basking roses in the sun is the so-called photosynthesis. If roses are not basked in the sun, they will have no nutrients and stop growing. And it will also lose the water needed, which will cause the rose leaves to yellow, the leaves to rot, the roots to rot, and finally die.

All roses are suitable for lighter fertilizers. Do not apply particularly concentrated fertilizers, especially fertilizers. Because this will lead to a small range of rose root rot at the bottom and lead to an increase in mortality. Then we need to use 30 compound fertilizers every two months according to the size or size of the rose and the basin, and then sprinkle them evenly in the soil beside the flowerpot, you can also use the water used for rice washing once a month as fertilizer. Then we don’t need us to fertilize when the rose grows well.

Methods of Planting Roses– Part 2

  1. When we sow roses, we should use a sowing plate or a clean Basin. The things used for sowing should be clean and will not cause diseases and pests. After the things are installed, the media should be wet first. When we sow roses, we can use the sowing method and the on-demand method. Among the two methods, the on-demand method saves rose seeds. We need to sow rose seeds one by one, and the distance between one seed and the other seed is about two centimeters. Then after sowing roses, we need to cover the clean materials slowly, and the thickness of the seeds covered should not exceed twice the thickness, if it is that kind of relatively small Rose seed, we don’t need to cover it.
  2. After sowing, we need to use plastic wrap to seal the surface of the rose flowerpot. After being sealed, a few holes are broken on the plastic wrap. The meaning of this is to keep moisture and protect rose seeds from external interference. After finishing these, we need to put the rose seeds in a better ventilated place, waiting for our rose seeds to germinate. When we see that the rose seeds have sprouted, we can put the rose flowerpot in a place with good light. But don’t put it in a place where the light is particularly strong. Then when we find that the height of the rose seedling can reach the position of the preservative film, we can remove the preservative film.

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