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38 Classy Chair Decoration Ideas for Indoor and Outdoor Weddings

We know that you’ve already made everything prepared before your wedding day: Your wedding dress, your hairstyle, jewelries, etc. But you still have to spend a lot energy to decorate the wedding place, right? Thinking of the right place, choosing a sunny day, and making the chairs covered in order to attract everyone’s attention at the first sight, right?

The chair on the wedding was decorated beautifully, which was also a beautiful scenery at the wedding. In fact, in Western countries, especially in some European countries, after attending the wedding, especially the lawn wedding, guests will definitely take off the flowers from the chair back from the yarn without hesitation, because they think that when the new couple get the gift and favor from the gods on the wedding day, their appendages are also given or transmitted with spiritual elements. They will “borrow flowers to offer Buddhas” to send the Flowers prepared for them to the people they respect most and love most in their hearts, and make a beautiful wish for those who receive flowers silently. They are convinced that chair back Flower certainly can give by flower people bring luck and good luck.

The Meaning of Wedding Chair Decoration

The decoration of the chair is the highlight of the Western-style wedding, which can not only show the style of the wedding, but also express the new couple’s own thoughts. Flowers and ribbons are the standard accessories of chair decoration. They can not only decorate the chair alone, but also can be matched together for decoration. Some weddings are in summer, and the weather is relatively hot. It is a very humanized design to put a fan on the chair which is designed by the newcomers themselves, which can not only relieve the heat of the weather. And it can also be regarded as a unique gift to accompany guests, leaving a deep impression on the guests present.

Decorating the back of the chair with a simple thin ribbon is not for convenience. It is the slim color that makes the calm white wave, and then comes with details and simple and delicate beauty. It is a simple and classic way to put a bouquet on the back of the chair. This bouquet can not only be the main component of the wedding flowers, but also can be matched with the green grass, which makes you look more colorful, the appearance of a simple and fresh environment can also make the wedding different.

Highlight the Back Decoration Wedding Chairs

Hanging the flower ball on the side of the chair is an ordinary but classic originality, but the size of the flower ball should be moderate and the ribbon should be matched appropriately, which is not an easy thing either. When making requirements of chair decoration, the brides must not be greedy for “too much” and “too big”, which is just right and the happiest. The sense of thickness created by multilayer gauze curtains of chair decoration will make people feel that the whole space is too rich and full.

The effect of single-layer gauze curtain is not that excessive. It is simple, fresh and refreshing. Chair decoration is very important, but the sense of existence of space is also important. This chair decorated by multilayer gauze and multilayer ribbon is a bit like a delicate princess who cannot escape from the bondage of luxury. But it seems that in the real wedding, every bride is willing to regard herself as a princess, and it is nothing wrong to simply be wonderful to the extreme. In addition to the chair decoration above, you can also make some creative chair back decorations in accordance with your own wedding theme, and the new couple can give full play to your imagination as long as they want to accord with your wedding theme. Of course, it is also a good choice for you to decorate the back of the chair.

Flower Decoration of Wedding Chairs

There are many choices of the color of the chair in the wedding, and the basis of the choice is to match the whole wedding style. Most brides like White, which is pure and beautiful, and easy to match with the lawn color on the wedding site, so it is the most commonly used color in weddings. Secondly, wooden chairs are also very popular. Wooden chairs in Mori weddings can give out the natural charm incisively and vividly. Some newcomers yearn for a wedding full of joy and childishness. Rows of colorful chairs will definitely turn you into a little princess in the fairy tale world, giving you a unique wedding experience!

Little Flower ornaments behind the chair carry etiquette and blessing, which are paid more and more attention by new people. The flowers on the back of the chair at the wedding are like wedding candies, which make the joy of the new couple and the happiness surround the guests and bring good luck to the guests. The unique design of the chair back flower can not only highlight the taste, but also give people the enjoyment of beauty. The seat decoration of fresh flowers is common that the florist makes different kinds of flowers into the shape of bouquet, Flower Ball, Garland and so on, and decorates them on the back or side of the chair, which also creates different atmosphere for the wedding. The combination of flowers and plants will shorten the distance between people and nature when applied to outdoor wedding seats, and it will make guests feel like they are in a sea of flowers when used in indoor restaurants, it will be more elegant and romantic when used in church. Of course, there are also brides who love hipster style. They will choose to decorate the seats with one or two flowers to create a unique wedding for themselves.

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