45 Boutique Bride Dresses to Make you a Fairy Lady

Everybody knows that every girl will choose her own wedding dress very carefully because she is also preparing for the man that she loves and decides to spend her rest life with. Before the bride gets married, choosing wedding dress is a sacred thing, which concerns whether the bride can be the focus of the wedding. Choosing wedding dress well can set off the bride incisively and vividly, you can choose the wedding dress category first, then choose your favorite style, then what are the popular wedding dress styles this year? Come and get to know us.

The wedding dress can only refer to the clothes on the body, and it can also include the veil and bouquet. White wedding dress represents inner purity, and later it gradually becomes the symbol of Tong Zhen. Generally speaking, the main types of wedding dresses include A- type wedding dresses, straight-up wedding dresses, QDI wedding dresses, small tail-length wedding dresses, big tail-length wedding dresses, fluffy dress-type wedding dresses, full-length wedding dresses, sling wedding dresses, chest-cleaning wedding dresses, plain face wedding dresses, pearl embroidery wedding dresses, bubble sleeve wedding dress, princess wedding dress, close-fitting wedding dress, high-waisted linear wedding dress.

The History of Brides Dresses

On 1840, when the Queen of England (1819-1901) got married, she wore a white dress made of beautiful Chinese brocade, with a 18-feet long tail and white veil, the pure white color from head to foot amazed the whole audience. Before the wedding of Victoria, the wedding dresses of the members of the British royal family all wore gemstone crown, evening dress with jewelry and silver ornaments, and a fur overcoat outside. Her amazing behavior, in addition to amazing, became a popular fashion more quickly. The bride wearing a white wedding dress in Western weddings has gradually become a traditional custom that has been handed down till now.

In the 1920 s after World War I, the change of women’s social status also greatly changed the style of wedding dresses, and wedding dresses designed with short skirts gradually appeared; in the 1940 s, because of World War II, the bride’s wedding dress turned to be simple and plain, and many mothers also took their wedding dresses as family heirs and passed them to their daughters as dowries.

Gorgeous Styles of Brides Dress– Part 1

A- type wedding dress pays attention to the slender effect of vision, and the overall design is just like the English number A. Its upper body is tight and narrow, while its lower body is wide. Because the waist is not quite obvious, and it looks like a straight line from top to bottom, which makes the bride look taller, and she is the first choice for the bride who likes to show her figure. The straight-up wedding dress generally adopts the close-fitting design, which can highlight the bride’s good figure and show the guest sexy and noble. It is suitable for wearing in the small and delicate wedding venue, simple but noble and generous.

Tailtail wedding dresses can be divided into small tailtail, middle tailtail and big tailtail, which are 40 cm short and over 80 cm long. It is suitable for wearing in grand wedding scenes. The innocent and lovely flower girl, holding a long long tail in her hand, followed the bride through the green and entered the church, showing the luxury, holiness and solemnity of the wedding. The upper part of the mini short wedding dress is close to the body, and the lower part is naturally widened from the waist to the skirt, which is especially suitable for the delicate and lively bride.

Gorgeous Styles of Brides Dress– Part 2

The popularity of white wedding dress originated from the satin dress uploaded by Queen Victoria in the wedding, which looked like the white and flawless side, and gradually became the standard accessories of wedding dress, but now the color of wedding dress is not limited to white, and young people’s ideas are relatively novel, for example, sexy red, soft pink, fresh and elegant blue and so on have become wedding dresses for weddings, and you can choose as much as you like.

If you compare the big-tail wedding dress with the small-tail wedding dress, it seems to be heavier, because there are 2 ~ The 5-meter long yarn is dragged on the ground, which is made as the main wedding dress in the ceremony. It is not very convenient to walk, but it looks dignified and elegant as a whole, in addition, if there are accessories for decoration, the bride will become extraordinarily dazzling, but this kind of wedding dress has extremely high requirements for the wedding site, which must be wide and wide, in addition, during the process of walking, the bridegroom needs to support the whole process to avoid falling down. From the chest line to the waist, there is a smooth design, the upper part of the body looks more chic, the curve of the body is very soft, the bare collarbone and shoulders will echo with the tight chest, which is suitable for girls of medium size or pretty good figure, but it is not suitable for women with meat or wide shoulders.

Gorgeous Styles of Brides Dress– Part 3

Cheongsam wedding dress is a kind of Chinese style dress which can show the charm of women. Of course, it is also the first choice in autumn and winter. After all, the temperature is very low, and cheongsam requires the bride to be plump and slim, therefore, the requirement for figure is quite high, which can highlight the elegant temperament instantly. The color and pattern of cheongsam will determine its style, and it is better to match with a high hair style, let the neck show, just like a swan slender.

Princess-style fluffy dress is one of the most popular wedding dresses at present. It has other names, princess dress and dance dress, which are very classic styles designed to satisfy the bride’s realization of princess dream, it is supported by the nepotism inside, which can be compared with the slim body of the upper body. It is as sweet and lovely as a fairy tale princess, and its temperament is combined with luxuriousness, which has little requirement on the body, all the brides of the figure can hold it, and the effect of embellishment can also be achieved if the lower body is slightly fat.

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