60+ Yellow Nails with Gel and Matte in Oval and Coffin Shapes

Yellow Nails in Lemon Color

After the spring comes, manicure becomes more popular, which makes refreshing nail modeling become the characteristic of dressing up. Bright yellow becomes the girl’s favorite manicure color, because it is bright and fresh, but not too exaggerated. It has the effect of white skin, and it looks energetic, which is very suitable for spring. Bright yellow there are many kinds of manicure styles. Sharing several matching series of manicure makes your bright yellow especially attractive.

Lemon jam has a higher yellow moisturizing degree and a clearer color. The selected lemon yellow is all coated on the nail surface; then a circle of pearls are used to embellish the side, and a layer of transparent film is added with transparent nail glue; finally, the sense of gloss will become obvious. The match with Brown makes lemon yellow more prominent, and the same color system does not seem to be against harmony.

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