60+ Yellow Nails with Gel and Matte in Oval and Coffin Shapes

Yellow Nails Decorated with Daisies

Of course, yellow manicure can not be separated from the shape of daisies. This beautiful flower has become a symbol, which represents the purity, splendor and light sadness of green, and is very suitable for girls in their school days. Daisies are painted on different areas of fingernails irregularly to create elegant texture, as if the last beautiful Summer Dream passed.

Here we also recommend you a yellow nails in dizzy dyeing style. The colors mainly use yellow, cream white and golden pearls, and the two hands also make a cross-symmetry style. First of all, the little thumb of the left hand, the ring finger, the index finger and the ring finger of the right hand, the index finger and the thumb are base in a yellow solid color, and the left ring finger and the right index finger are base in a solid color, A style made of a metal Moon and a small diamond. The middle finger and thumb of the left hand and the middle finger of the right hand are made with a pure color of cream-white base, and then on the basis of the base, the yellow nails are made to make a dizzy style. Finally, use golden pearl to hook the edge around the yellow nail.

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