60+ Yellow Nails with Gel and Matte in Oval and Coffin Shapes

Yellow Nails Bring You Different Experience

Yellow nails will not be out of date in any season. The style which is not exaggerated but not too monotonous can show different colors. Yellow nails with berry red will make you look more temperament. The whole color of pineapple yellow nails is light, which makes you look energetic.

The yellow fingernails have a unique gentle temperament, with simple coldness and metal diamond embellishment, which makes the manicure look very clean as a whole! It is much like the soft sunshine in Japanese system. Yellow fingernails with pearl-green polka dot elements add French unique retro style to the simple style. Yellow nails match with cherries, and the fingertips also seem to have a sweet taste of fruit. The simple contrast color is enough to leave a deep impression on people. Tired of looking at manicure of complex style, I believe these can give you a different experience.

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