60+ Yellow Nails with Gel and Matte in Oval and Coffin Shapes

Yellow Nails in Simple Style

Pure color yellow nails always feel a little bit less, although the vitality will not reduce. But there is still a little distance from fashion, so we want to make pure color yellow nails more fashionable, and you can do some thing special on your fingertips or paste some interesting cartoon animals to add fun.

The following are a kind of yellow nail style with cute patterns. You may say that this kind of cartoon pattern needs to be matched with yellow to show more vitality. After trying it, only then can you find that your yellow nails can be so “unwilling to Be Lonely. Use the yellow which is not very conspicuous, that is, the light yellow, to form a simple picture with other nails of the same light color, and print some elegant flowers on the nails, in addition to maintaining vitality, it also gives off sweetness.

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