37 Beautiful Floral Tattoo Designs with lotus, lily and other various flowers

Summer is around us.
Autumn is also not far away.
Let’s follow flower tattoos.
Walk into the Palace of Summer.
The grand scenery of Autumn.

Flower tattoos art is the same as painting on canvas.
It focuses on technology.
The design inspiration of these complex flower tattoos,
From beautiful flowers blooming.
As a result, flower tattoos will intersect with your soul.

28 Amazing Watercolor Tattoo Ideas for Women and Men

Watercolor tattoo,
As the name implies, it is to combine the watercolor pigment into the tattoo.
Watercolor tattoo gives people two feelings,
One is the feeling of water: casual, smooth and wiser;
The second is color: it gives people visual impact and stimulates the brain.
Watercolor Tattoos and ink tattoos can be said to be very similar,
It’s just that the watercolor tattoo replaces the color black and gray in the ink tattoo with color.
Watercolor tattoo is like a palette of a painter,
It’s like pouring the pigment on it,
So some people also call it splash-ink tattoo.

98 Different Tattoo Ideas of Geometric and Mandala Patterns

Since I got a tattoo, I was always asked tattoo questions by people around me. “Where is your tattoo idea from?” Everyone has the same tattoo pattern with Different ideas, But there are some similarities. Today, let’s take a look at the ideas of Tattoo patterns. Mens Who Hve Tattoo Patterns The realization now is …

60 Small Tattoos with Meanings for Women and Men

In our impression, people with tattoos are generally very personalized, and there seem to be more boys than girls who are keen on tattoos. However, tattoos are not the privilege of boys, and more and more cool girls also start tattoos. Many small tattoos are not social at all, but very fashionable. Nowadays, the most popular tattoo circle among girls is not sleeve tattoos, but small tattoos. It sounds like a little fresh and lovely in personality, which has a special flavor!

42 Unique Tattoo Patterns for Women and Men

Here, you don’t have to worry about your tattoo and someone on the Street crash, because all the tattoo patterns taken out from this studio are unique in the world. Because a tattoo is equivalent to a “imprint of life”, in-depth communication is needed before the tattoo, and some customers may tell their own experiences like telling stories.

54 Fantastic Spring Tattoo Patterns with Butterflies and Flowers

Similarly, there are many people with spring tattoo nowadays, but the tattoo that makes people shine at the moment and win praise doesn’t mean there is one. I think you will feel itchy from time to time and want to get a spring tattoo on your body, but the pattern and position become the primary problem. If you are doing spring tattoo for the first time, I suggest you try some small spring tattoo patterns below!

33 Simple Geometric Tattoo Designs with Animals and Flowers

Do you want to find the inspiration for the tattoo? Then you can’t miss the following geometric tattoos! Different from other tattoos, the design of geometric tattoos is more aesthetic. The geometric tattoos can express profound meanings through various geometric figures, lines and abstract forms. Compared with the large tattoos covering the whole vision, geometric tattoos combined with dotted lines will be much fresher.

21 Charming Back Tattoos Ideas for both Small Ones and Big Ones

There is a vivid back tattoo. The two birds gently play on the flowers on the waist, presenting a delicate and elegant scene. This back tattoo will combine peace with nature while giving artistic details a sense of reality. There are also some vivid pink roses in back tattoos that are the best choice for women’s back tattoos. The minimalist flower-designed back tattoo inspired by medieval art forms is suitable for any naked-back outfit.

48 Meaningful Ankle Tattoo Ideas with Words and Flowers

Ankle is the part where many literary and artistic youth will choose tattoos! If a small animal pattern is printed on the ankle, it will bring a fresh and fresh feeling to the ankle. If you don’t want to show the girl, just lift the socks up. There are also other beautiful ankle tattoos and a complete collection of ankle tattoos pictures. For female friends who like to choose ankle tattoos, you must not miss them!

15 Unique Tattoos of Modern Style for Shoulder and Arm

Modernism is a word which is frequently used in the art world in recent years. Many people should not have heard of “modern tattoo style “. Anyway, the modern style of tattoos has come to this world and become an indisputable fact in our art world. However, when the word of post-modern appears in some artistic works, it can also be used to express “the newest” and “the one who is at the forefront of the era “. Meanwhile, it is also widely used in music, dance, literature, film and other aspects.