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68 Gorgeous Colorful Wedding Nails for Brides

We have summarized some of the most popular bride nails in 2020. Whether you are black, yellow or white, you can find the one that suits you.
The bride-to-be should choose the color of nails according to the color and style of their own dress. The wedding is a very solemn ceremony. Don’t choose the color which is too bright.


35 Elegant and Graceful Bridesmaid Dresses in Various Colors

The bridesmaid’s dresses refer to the clothes that the bridesmaid wears during the wedding. The so-called bridesmaid is the girl who accompanies the bride to finish the wedding. Generally, their clothes matching should complement the bride’s clothes. Usually the bridesmaid’s dresses are mainly elegant and decent, simple, natural and generous, and should not be too beautiful, otherwise it will have the effect of seizing the host, and the overall feeling should not cover the beauty of the bride’s clothes.


50 Glittering Acrylic Nails for Medium-Length Nails and Long Nails

Acrylic nails are full of fairy spirit and suitable for all seasons. It looks white with white skin, embellished with decorations such as gold foil, pearl, flash powder and so on, making fingernails look particularly attractive. If you like this kind of crystal texture nail patterns, these pictures will bring you new inspiration. These kinds of nail models will definitely have your favorite style, make yourself a elegant and gentle fairy manicure.


82 Low or High Ponytail Haircuts for Short or Long Hair

The ponytail is also divided into high ponytail and low ponytail! you know that ponytail is relatively light, and is really suitable for young girls. So how do we tie the young and beautiful low ponytail? Long hair with a low-key brown hair color is especially suitable for the fresh environment. The design of fluffy females’ style: the hair on the top is relatively straight, while the hair on the bottom is made into a micro-curly effect, adding a sense of gorgeous fashion, making you full of charm.


44 Gorgeous Long Haircut for Women to Be Elegant and Graceful in Any Occasion

The following long hairstyle is super chic, convenient, trendy and easy to style. All you need is to get a flattering long haircut and select the right hair product for your hair type. Wavy hair dos no longer need any introduction. That’s because they have been around for long enough to have taken on many creative, versatile guises. You know that even if you never decorate it, it certainly the most amazing one one the street.


80 Prettiest Colorful Coffin Nails for the Beginning of 2020

At the very beginning, people made manicure only in simple pure color. Later, It developed into fainting, Diamond, gradient and so on. The styles of manicure increased gradually, but pure color manicure has always been an ever-outdated choice, many stars are pure color Manicure lovers. Solid color manicure is the most versatile. As long as the color matches your own skin color properly, the pure color manicure will definitely make you shine!


45 Boutique Bride Dresses to Make you a Fairy Lady

The design of the original wedding dress is not very complicated. The long skirt with vertical lines and high waist, the folded sleeves and the lower collar seem to be the reproduction of the fashion style at that time. Silk and satin are the main fabrics of wedding dresses. Later, the style of wedding dress was as long as ankle. The front skirt was trimmed with straight lines, while the back was decorated with another mop skirt. When the bride walked on the red carpet of the church, the skirt of mopping the floor also passed by slowly on the carpet, which made the bride have the charm of immortals. Later wedding dress style, tight upper and wide lower, low collar is replaced by dignified high collar, the material is mostly gorgeous brocade, collar, cuff and skirt are decorated with a lot of decorative ornaments. By the end of the 19th century, the texture of wedding dress gradually became soft, and crepe de chine and silk were most favored by brides.

Home Decor Wedding

38 Classy Chair Decoration Ideas for Indoor and Outdoor Weddings

The decoration of the chair is the highlight of the Western-style wedding, which can not only show the style of the wedding, but also express the new couple’s own thoughts. Flowers and ribbons are the standard accessories of chair decoration. They can not only decorate the chair alone, but also can be matched together for decoration. Some weddings are in summer, and the weather is relatively hot. It is a very humanized design to put a fan on the chair which is designed by the newcomers themselves, which can not only relieve the heat of the weather. And it can also be regarded as a unique gift to accompany guests, leaving a deep impression on the guests present.