40 Nude or Shining Stiletto Nail Designs with Different Accessories

Stiletto nails are one of the shapes that many girls like. Long and sharp fingernails are suitable for anyone with bold ideas. We like this fashionable style, and we have the best pointed nail style below. No matter what you want is beautiful, personalized or unique, everyone has his/her own personality to see if there is one you like best.
Shining stiletto nail, the first set of pointed fingernails of it is inspired by the Unicorn, which is characterized by a pink prominent fingernail with the unicorn angle pattern, two bright pink nails and light pink nails with rhinestone. This stiletto nail art captures the magic of mysterious creatures.


40+ Short Pixie Haircut in Various Colors for Small Faces and Round Faces

Pixie hair is actually super short hair, which can make you look fresh and capable, simple and easy, suitable for girls of all ages. If you are still hesitating about cutting short hair, you might as well try pixie hair, which will definitely make you more charming.
Recently, the girls’ pixie hairstyle is getting more popular, so hot that so many girls wanna have a try, but some of them are just puzzled where to start. Therefore, we also show you the most popular pixie haircuts. Girls with short hair like this must not miss it.


20 Simple and Beautiful Butterfly Tattoos Mainly for Your Fingers, Backs and Arms

Compared with animals, fairy tales, flowers or dragon tattoos, butterfly tattoos are very famous. The design pattern of butterfly is so attractive and fascinating that many people keep it on their bodies forever. Butterfly is an admirable choice of tattoos, which will make you feel relaxed and natural, because butterfly itself represents beauty and freedom. Besides, butterfly tattoos are all a special fashion. These magical animals have attracted numerous people to regard them as forever beautiful patterns of skin.


30 Small Simple Tattoos with Unique Meanings for Men and Women

As a decoration method, those exquisite, compact and artistic tattoos are becoming more and more popular. Tattooing a delicate and small tattoos in an inconspicuous place on your body not only makes you not show off, but also reveals your attitude towards life. There are large tattoos, which have a large area and a certain momentum. On the contrary, another kind of tattoos is a small-area tattoos, which are small and cute, with a sense of flexibility and extreme delicacy.


70 Specific Gel Nail Designs in Double Colors or Decorated with Rhinestones

No gel nails, no cool girls! Everyday is new and fresh, and there is no way to highlight the fashion taste and concave shape through overlapping, and gel nails become an indispensable fashion item. Gel nails have been popular all over the world for nearly 20 years. The gel nail is colorful and has various patterns. It can be easily matched with a variety of clothes and occasions, which becomes a must for all girls!


30 Delicate Small Tattoo Designs for Girls

Small tattoos with simple patterns are really cute, which will give you a very special experience of tattoos, especially for those who do tattoos for the first time, small tattoos are easier to accept.
Tattoos can convert images in life into simple strokes, which are very interesting on the body. They can choose a very memorable photo and turn it into a tattoos to record a moving memory, and it really sounds good ~

Hairstyle Wedding

44 Fairy Bridesmaid Hairstyle for Long Hair and Short Hair

The bridesmaid’s hairstyle should be dressed up carefully when she is a bridesmaid. This is very particular, because you should be well-behaved when you dress up carefully. You should not dress yourself up too well, so as not to steal the bride’s limelight away. At the same time, you can’t dress up at all, which will damage the bride’s face. Therefore, girls who want to be bridesmaids need to choose some simple bridesmaid hairstyles.

Nails Wedding

68 Gorgeous Colorful Wedding Nails for Brides

We have summarized some of the most popular bride nails in 2020. Whether you are black, yellow or white, you can find the one that suits you.
The bride-to-be should choose the color of nails according to the color and style of their own dress. The wedding is a very solemn ceremony. Don’t choose the color which is too bright.


35 Elegant and Graceful Bridesmaid Dresses in Various Colors

The bridesmaid’s dresses refer to the clothes that the bridesmaid wears during the wedding. The so-called bridesmaid is the girl who accompanies the bride to finish the wedding. Generally, their clothes matching should complement the bride’s clothes. Usually the bridesmaid’s dresses are mainly elegant and decent, simple, natural and generous, and should not be too beautiful, otherwise it will have the effect of seizing the host, and the overall feeling should not cover the beauty of the bride’s clothes.