65 Classy Nail Polish Ideas Including Nail Coat and Nail Colors

The modification of nails is an important part of women’s beauty. Women who love nails always like to apply nail polish on their nails. However, before beautifying the nails, Learn about nail coat and nail colors in nail polish process. Remember, When applying nail polish, first base the nails. Before applying nail polish, you must …

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42 Japanese Garden Design Ideas for Your Backyard and Bridge

Charming Japanese gardens around the world: charming Japanese gardens around the world Japanese gardens are considered quite beautiful, and people appreciate the design of Japanese gardens and the atmosphere they create very much. When you sit in a Japanese garden, the peace and peace there cover you,. This is why many people are willing to bring beauty and peace close to home. But before starting such an elaborate project, you need to know some basic elements. A key feature behind the Japanese garden is its natural appearance. Gardens should not include shapes and elements that will not be found in nature. For example, if you want to have a swimming pool or a pond, it should have an organic shape instead of a straight line or a square. If you like the water characteristics of its Japanese garden type, maybe you can choose a waterfall. You should use natural materials such as rocks sand and Moss. At the same time, try to maintain balance in your design. In terms of Japanese garden, simplicity is also a key feature. Therefore, there is no need for too complicated things, and a pile of elements are simply put together. You should feel relaxed and calm in this garden. In addition, please remember the three basic types of Japanese garden: Mountain and pond garden, which is a style quoted from China and represents multi-mountain zone and decorative background, flat gardens are defined by open flat spaces and may be suitable for courtyards and tea gardens, with more rural scenery and objective functions.


62 Wedding Flower Arrangements for Beach and Boho Style

The wedding flowers used for the wedding should not only look good, but also play a “foil” role. How should wedding flowers be designed to better conform to the wedding style? Can it play a role in drawing the finishing touch? When you consider the flower decoration used on the wedding day, you must choose the seasonal flowers. Even if you have a special preference for some kind of flower, if it does not belong to this season, considering the “availability” of the environment at that time, you should not insist on using it again and again. In addition, the choice and design of flower decoration should also be matched with the style of wedding dress and wedding ceremony. You can’t just focus on the preferences of yourself and your relatives and friends.


60+ Elegant Wedding Dress Designs with Long Sleeves and Short Sleeves

Wedding dress is almost the dream of all girls. The white wedding dress bears many people’s expectations for love and their yearning for sweetness. Every girl expects to enter the wedding hall and become the Princess in her dream, wearing the most precious wedding dress once in a lifetime, you are the most beautiful as a bride. Fresh and casual without exaggeration, only an interesting marriage can last for a long time. The spoiling in eyes and the smile on lips are more than thousands of exaggerated embellishments. The sense of ceremony is indispensable. Everyone has different ways of interpretation. There is no conflict between Shanda and simplicity. There is love in heart and you are the most important thing in eyes.

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77 Interior Home Decor Ideas Including Your Bathroom and Living Room

Everyone wants to have a warm and warm home. Every day when you go home from work, you can rest at ease and comfortably. Warm interior home decor is the decoration style that many owners and friends like. However, many owners have not succeeded in decoration, which is related to many reasons, such as knowing nothing about interior home decor. In the aspect of home decoration, it is a hand residue. I want to learn from other people’s interior home decor style, but I find it is not suitable at all. Don’t worry, next we will recommend several sets of interior home decor renderings with different styles but the same warmth to the owners and friends for your reference.


71 Stunning Floral Wedding Ideas for Your Arch and Invitations

Brides holding wedding in spring, cheer up! You get married on the most beautiful day of the year, and many common wedding flowers are about to bloom. For you, first of all, you can obtain flowers such as peony with wider channels and lower prices. If it is changed to other seasons, the price will be high. Secondly, you can buy local flowers, which not only reduces the “ecological footprint”, but also promotes the development of local industries. The following are ten kinds of beautiful flowers blooming in spring. In the staged wedding, flowers are one of the indispensable roles. Flowers can be displayed in every part of the staged wedding. We find many kinds of flower arrangement methods, which are suitable for the celebration of any staged wedding style!


50 Fantastic Boho Wedding Ideas for Cakes and Dresses

Bohemian style is probably the most frequently heard style in clothing, and it is also a synonym for romance and freedom. People who love boho wedding seem to bring their own unique artist temperament, eager to break the traditional life mode. This free and rebellious spirit of boho wedding also fascinates countless people. boho wedding is just a few simple elements, but it can express strong style and opinion, and the theme of boho wedding is often the most direct reflection of the new couple’s character. The newcomers who love the romantic boho wedding must have the unruly soul of pursuing freedom.


30+ Amazing Summer Nail Ideas with Coffin Shape and Acrylic Shape

The dizzy dyed nails of summer nails test the art attainments and creativity of manicurists, so it is better to carefully choose the basic nail polish color of summer nails that you like, the more pink the summer nails are, the more hazy the beauty they have. You are right. Cat’s eye summer nails are still hot every year, and they match well with laser and gold foil. The summer nails in the deep and light colors are beautiful, so beautiful that I have nothing to say! In terms of girls and shyness, who else except the blush armor of summer nails? Ears can be blushed, summer nails should also be pink and lovely, vibrant!

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70 DIY Exterior Home Decor Ideas Not Only for Your Curb Appeal

Before the exterior home decor of the villa, it should be based on the characteristics, age, family members and so on of the owner of the villa, and combined with the environmental elements and technological factors around the exterior home decor, finally, the designer and the host coordinate and communicate with each other and finally formulate the design scheme of exterior home decor. The owner’s participation in the design of exterior home decor scheme can make exterior home decor properly reflect the owner’s taste and aesthetic taste and present it in a simple and clear style.


80 Braids Hairstyles for Goddess with Knotless Box and Long Box

Spring is coming, the fashionable short hair cut a few months ago becomes longer, the length is awkward… It’s a little hot again… I don’t know what to do? Then come to learn stars. Short hair can also Braid, Don’t let your imagination limit your fashion! Recently, stars are fond of short hair and small plaits no matter they go out or take street photos, which makes people feel agile and handsome, casual and comfortable, just like a refreshing breath of spring blowing on their faces. They usually attend activities, and they also give priority to hair dressing and small balls. The blasted hair looks extraordinarily flexible and light, and with the messy and fluffy bangs of beauty lines, it appropriately modifies the face shape, reveals the facial features and shows the super beautiful neck curve!