42 Japanese Garden Design Ideas for Your Backyard and Bridge

Charming Japanese gardens around the world: charming Japanese gardens around the world Japanese gardens are considered quite beautiful, and people appreciate the design of Japanese gardens and the atmosphere they create very much. When you sit in a Japanese garden, the peace and peace there cover you,. This is why many people are willing to bring beauty and peace close to home. But before starting such an elaborate project, you need to know some basic elements. A key feature behind the Japanese garden is its natural appearance. Gardens should not include shapes and elements that will not be found in nature. For example, if you want to have a swimming pool or a pond, it should have an organic shape instead of a straight line or a square. If you like the water characteristics of its Japanese garden type, maybe you can choose a waterfall. You should use natural materials such as rocks sand and Moss. At the same time, try to maintain balance in your design. In terms of Japanese garden, simplicity is also a key feature. Therefore, there is no need for too complicated things, and a pile of elements are simply put together. You should feel relaxed and calm in this garden. In addition, please remember the three basic types of Japanese garden: Mountain and pond garden, which is a style quoted from China and represents multi-mountain zone and decorative background, flat gardens are defined by open flat spaces and may be suitable for courtyards and tea gardens, with more rural scenery and objective functions.

77 Interior Home Decor Ideas Including Your Bathroom and Living Room

Everyone wants to have a warm and warm home. Every day when you go home from work, you can rest at ease and comfortably. Warm interior home decor is the decoration style that many owners and friends like. However, many owners have not succeeded in decoration, which is related to many reasons, such as knowing nothing about interior home decor. In the aspect of home decoration, it is a hand residue. I want to learn from other people’s interior home decor style, but I find it is not suitable at all. Don’t worry, next we will recommend several sets of interior home decor renderings with different styles but the same warmth to the owners and friends for your reference.

70 DIY Exterior Home Decor Ideas Not Only for Your Curb Appeal

Before the exterior home decor of the villa, it should be based on the characteristics, age, family members and so on of the owner of the villa, and combined with the environmental elements and technological factors around the exterior home decor, finally, the designer and the host coordinate and communicate with each other and finally formulate the design scheme of exterior home decor. The owner’s participation in the design of exterior home decor scheme can make exterior home decor properly reflect the owner’s taste and aesthetic taste and present it in a simple and clear style.

50 DIY Back Yard Ideas with a Fire Pot and a Fence

Having a backyard, you can decorate and design an ecological pond and a small Waterscape Garden facility that you like in the backyard, which is what many people dream of. It can not only create a more relaxed space, and it helps to keep the yard cool in hot summer, which is also a natural oxygen bar in winter. Entering the garden makes people feel comfortable physically and mentally. In order to give you some inspiration about the decoration design of the garden, I believe that we are dazzled by many garden design cases, and the styles are also emerging endlessly, today, here are 8 classic cases of backyard design effects with ponds and water gardens, hoping to help you.

60 Practical Planting Ideas for Your Balcony and Patio

Buildings are torso, sketches are decorations, and plants are the soul of the garden. No matter how ingenious and perfect your garden design is, or how beautiful your garden is in, a good garden cannot be separated from planting. I once heard a romantic story: an old woman planted plants that would blossom all the year round in her yard. In every spring, summer, autumn and winter day, she could see the flowers blooming like brocade in her garden. Who doesn’t like planting yards like Cuckoo in Spring, Gardenia in summer, cinnamon in autumn and yellow plum blossom in winter? Today, we have collected 60 kinds of plants that can make your garden beautiful.

44 Unique Home Accessory Ideas That Can Be DIY

Home accessories broke the boundary of traditional decoration industry, and recombined crafts, textiles, collectibles, lamps, floral art, plants and so on to form a new concept. home accessories can comprehensively plan the decoration design scheme according to the size and shape of the room space, the living habits, interests and hobbies of the owner and their respective economic conditions, reflecting the owner’s personality and taste. Some home accessories must be indispensable for home decoration. Then for such a situation, people should make the right choice. Now there are so many kinds of home accessories in the market, so what are the home accessories included? It is only possible for people to have a correct understanding. At the same time, they should also know something about what home accessories are so as to make people feel at ease.

35 Low-maintenance Garden Landscaping Designs for Your Front Yard and Back Yard

Garden landscaping is the outdoor extension and expansion of family residence, and is the nearest distance for people to approach nature after work. Having garden landscaping makes the concept of home complete, so a pleasing garden landscaping design considers the wisdom and talent of landscape designers. garden landscaping design is different from interior design. Garden landscaping design is a three-dimensional space design. Objects of the same size have different feelings indoor and outdoor.

29 Planting in Pot Ideas for Outside and Inside

Planting in pots refers to potted plants under 30cm. Small planting in pots express landscape. There are many kinds of planting in pots. Generally, it depends on the tree type, tree number, tree height, tree species, ornamental and style. Planting in pots can be moved. It is also very convenient to manage and watch, and can be arranged in tea tables, desks or small rooms. planting in pots is the most suitable potted plant for lovers living in cities without sufficient space. As the living environment becomes smaller and smaller, planting in pots has gradually attracted attention at home and abroad. There are also four styles to choose from, such as pastoral style and modern style. in fact, there are many kinds of flowers planting in pots. It is really not that easy to recommend good-looking and well-nourished potted plants. But if you like the way plants burst into pots, you might as well try the following plants.

35 Practical Rose Planting Ideas for Caring And Drawing

People always use roses to compare better things. When describing a person’s beauty, he always praises her with such sentences as beauty like a rose. It can be seen that roses are very beautiful. Each rose has its special meaning. We can choose pure and elegant white roses to send to friends or relatives, and we can give warm pink roses to teachers and parents. The beautiful love expression between lovers can be romantic and beautiful roses. No matter which kind of rose can express our feelings well. We can not only give roses to others, but also cultivate our sentiment by planting roses ourselves.

30+ Classy Patio Ideas Including Furniture and Lighting

Patio is different from balcony, and most people cannot distinguish the difference between balcony and Patio. Under normal circumstances, we can distinguish by the floor space of the two. The Patio is not completely capped, but the balcony is permanently capped and has a guardrail. The space of the Patio is very large, suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities, in contrast, the balcony space is much smaller. The modern Patio is the intersection of indoor and outdoor. Against the surrounding environment, the Patio can create a completely different atmosphere from the interior, which is completely the embodiment of high-quality life.