30+ Classy Patio Ideas Including Furniture and Lighting

Patio is different from balcony, and most people cannot distinguish the difference between balcony and Patio. Under normal circumstances, we can distinguish by the floor space of the two. The Patio is not completely capped, but the balcony is permanently capped and has a guardrail. The space of the Patio is very large, suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities, in contrast, the balcony space is much smaller. The modern Patio is the intersection of indoor and outdoor. Against the surrounding environment, the Patio can create a completely different atmosphere from the interior, which is completely the embodiment of high-quality life.

50 DIY Garden Layout Plans for Your Back Yard and Front Yard

“There is a garden in the House, a house in the garden, a yard in the House, trees in the garden, seeing the sky on the tree, reading in the sky, isn’t it a pleasure!” This kind of house with garden is the dream of people living in every era. Everyone has his own garden in his heart, or blooming flowers; or simple and concise; or deep walls and courtyards, enjoying a sense of concealment and quietness; or facing the sea, take a piece of sea and sky.

60+ Aesthetic Flooring Options for Your Kitchens and Bathrooms

There are many standards for the classification of flooring such as: solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring, reinforced flooring, etc. according to materials; according to functions: outdoor flooring, sports flooring, household flooring, etc. With the development of the flooring industry to this day, there has been a way of division according to design, and the division according to design is essentially based on the consumer’s home design needs.

21 Wonderful Door Decor Ideas for Your Bedroom and Front Door

Quietly, the old door decor is in the concentrated popularity. In addition to the purpose of the door decor, they can also bring you a variety of decorative ways to play. My father’s house was reconstructed and several old doors were unloaded. If you want to throw it away, I will stop it, because the old door is used for decoration of your own house, which can unexpectedly show your charm and enrich your personal space. For example, just leaning against the wall can breed the deep and spacious feeling of the room.

40+ Fantastic Landscapes for Rose Planting in Pots and Gardens

Basin soil of planting roses: the selection of basin soil for planting roses is the most important. When filling the soil, you ‘d better choose the basin soil which is made of the soil in the vegetable garden and the mixture of 10% river sand and 20% cinder. Before planting roses, soil disinfection should be carried out, mainly with steam disinfection. If there is no condition of planting roses, it can be smoked with chlorine, and it also needs to be turned over constantly to prevent the medicine from affecting the growth and development of root system.

Top 24 Modern Yard Ideas for Your Front Yard and Back Yard

The landscape of the yard is the soul of the whole cyard, which influences the overall pattern of the it. Yard design is a kind of design which makes yard living environment further optimized by various methods of landscape planning and design and meets people’s needs in all aspects. However, whether the yard design is successful or not depends not on the size of the yard, not on the cost, but on whether the yard can communicate with the owner’s heart and bring different warmth and pleasure to the family.

32 Modern Gardening Planting Ideas with Flowers and Vegetables

The gardening should start from the soil, but most of us have no patience. However, this is necessary, because soil is what essential for your gardening. Choosing a suitable place is another key to the gardening. Most of the flowers and plants can grow vigorously under the condition of sufficient sunshine. You don’t want your gardening to be in a place that hinders other activities in your yard. If this is your first gardening planting, you ‘d better start from a small garden. Anyone can build a container gardening on any scale. If the construction of your apartment or apartment is not allowed to break ground, this is a good choice. Gardening work should be interesting, so take your time. Any experienced gardening expert will tell you that there is always room for improvement.

35 Classy Home Deco Styles for Your Living Room, Kitchen and Bathroom

The home decoration style is based on different cultural backgrounds and regional characteristics, and creates a unique home decoration style through various design elements. With the idea of light decoration and heavy decoration proposed by designers according to market rules, the home decoration style is mostly reflected in soft decoration.A variety of home decoration styles derived from the architectural style.

38 Classy Chair Decoration Ideas for Indoor and Outdoor Weddings

The decoration of the chair is the highlight of the Western-style wedding, which can not only show the style of the wedding, but also express the new couple’s own thoughts. Flowers and ribbons are the standard accessories of chair decoration. They can not only decorate the chair alone, but also can be matched together for decoration. Some weddings are in summer, and the weather is relatively hot. It is a very humanized design to put a fan on the chair which is designed by the newcomers themselves, which can not only relieve the heat of the weather. And it can also be regarded as a unique gift to accompany guests, leaving a deep impression on the guests present.